Thursday, September 28, 2017

Back to LoveLea!

Our trip to Lesbos was so refreshing and beneficial that I couldn't withhold my readers from my experience. So I spent 3 posts almost fully to our trip. By doing this I neglected to tell you about my leather work and it really occupies a big chunk of my world. This posts is almost fully dedicated to my leather activities.

For almost 3 weeks I didn't touch any leather. To get the hang of it again,  I started with some easy stuff, but easy doesn't mean ugly or unsightly or boring. Turkish people are very found of beads warding of the evil eye. Since I am in Turkey at the moment what more natural than creating such wards. I didn't created anything  against the evil eye before, because I couldn't find nice beads: I don't want to use plastic or acrylic beads. A couple weeks ago we went to Ayvalik and when we visit Ayvalik we always try to pay a visit to a marvelous store, Anatolian Arts ( The have beautiful ceramics, glassware, jewelry, too bad their website isn't up to the shop. There I found some glass evil eye ward off beads. They are rather big and showy and really need a simple necklace as to not distract from the bead. I made 3 simple ones, 2 with a slide knot and 1 with a closure. When I was a girl scout we learned how to tie this knot to secure our hat. My God, I loved that hat, I was so proud of my hat.

LoveLea leather necklace with blue evil eye bead and slide knot

Lovelea: leather necklace with orange evil eye bead and slide knot

Lovelea leather necklace with dark red bead

Remember my first post? I told you about my sister Lieve who got everything started. She mailed me a couple days ago for some cable holders. I made already some for her and now she needs bigger ones to hold her cell phone cable. The big one has a diameter of 19 cm, the smaller one 15. She is like me and likes things simple, pared down but with bright colors.

LoveLea: 2 leather cable holders. 

She is a faithful reader of my posts and my LoveLea facebookpage; she fell in love with a bracelet I posted there: nice yellow leather with a dashing white metal clasp favoring 2 serpent heads holding a closing circle within their mouths; I do the stitching by hand with good linen thread and it turns out just superb. The one I posted on my LoveLea facebookpage measures 22 cm and is too big. Now she has one custom made.

LoveLea: yellow leather bracelet with metal serpent head clasp

LoveLea: yellow leather bracelet with metal serpent head clasp, detail.
Pinterest (very dangerous website; impossible to just have a look) mailed me some pins yesterday, mostly about furoshiki bags. I had done some research about them a while ago and seeing all this colorful bags (I am a bag freak, all kinds of bags), they got my interest again. Furoshiki bags are just genius, simple but genius. Everything Japanese IS genius! I admire what they do so much! On my search for leather working tools, I came across some Japanese tools and they look fantastic and sophisticated; at the moment I don't want to spent a lot on tools, but when my business will rock the sky, definitely I will treat myself on some Japanese tools. In the coming week I want to learn more about furoshiki and will tell you all about it.

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