Thursday, August 17, 2017

About birthdays and chokers

In April, there is only one birthday and it is the birthday of my first and oldest granddaughter, Luka. She is sweet, lovely, smart, bright, sharp tongued, multi-talented. We live a bit far from each other and we communicate via messenger. In March I mailed her the pictures my sister in law Gudrun had taken during the family gathering and she liked the chokers very much. OMG, a choker: she's not even eleven and knows what a choker is (English is not her native language!). Noblesse oblige: if you make chokers and your granddaughter wants one, than you make her one! She wanted a brown choker and no wider then 1 cm. Where did she pick that up? and such a specific one. That would make a nice extra gift for her birthday besides the 2 books I already got her. My youngest granddaughter Victoria aka Vicky would also be at the party; I made her a choker too, but in red leather. She's only 8 but she also knows what a choker is and wanted one. She is sweet and lovely, smart, charming and multi-talented, like her niece Luka but in a more quiet way. I also have a grandson, Maximilian, aka Max.

Luka, 11th birthday.

This week my creativity flared up: I made a man's bracelet with Tibetan dragon head closure; I choose a nice sturdy black leather to support the weight of the closure and a yellowish-orange thread matching the color of the Tibetan dragon head.

Leather bracelet with Tibetan dragon head clasp for men

Leather bracelet with Tibetan dragon head clasp

 I am rather proud of the hand stitching: nice, even and uniform and with the correct technique, comme il faut.

Leather bracelet stitched by hand detail

Next week we are invited to a wedding. I plan to wear my silk yellow dress. And here is the choker I made to go with my dress. I still have time to manufacture a matching cuff. I have a pink choker in my FB page shop.)You can have a look at this item and all the other items I created at my LoveLea Facebook page. Just sent me a message or mail me for info. The link to my FB page is in the colum on the left.

Yellow leather choker with serpent head clasp

From a yellow choker to yellow tomatoes, it is only one step. Isn't everything united? inseparable?
This year I sowed some different vegetables among which yellow tomatoes; they don't look very yellow in the picture but next to red tomatoes, you see the difference easily. The taste is about the same as red tomatoes but the texture, the feeling in your mouth is different, somewhat softer...... I made a stunning salad with yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, green rocket leaves, white cheese, black olives and a can of tuna but forgot to take a picture.

Yellow tomatoes in the garden.
See you next week.

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