Thursday, August 10, 2017

Welcome to Hilde"s Leatherworld

It all began with my sister Lieve; it's not exactly true, but she put it on rolls

When I fell in love with leather, I don't remember but it started with Pinterest! I was in a bag period and kept pinning and saving bags and purses to my board, all fabric bags. As I got more into handbags, I came across leather handbags and pins with handmade, amateur bags, DIY and tuto's. What I like about sewing leather, is that you don't have to finish your edges, you don't spent time  finishing off your item.

I bought some tools and leather and started sewing small pouches, money purses, business cards holders, pencil cases; at that time I looked at the scrap of leather and tried to use the scrap to its full possibilities without cutting it; I made some cool organic purses and bags.

Leather pouches/purses,
 the first items I created

You can't keep making purses for yourself or as a gift; besides, a purse requires big scraps and know how and so my interest expanded to leather jewelry. Pinterest has some real nice pins of leather jewelry and I got inspired to make jewelry myself. I had beads laying around from previous projects, I had good scissors and knifes, lots of inspiration and ideas but no closures. So I made some bracelets with buttons made from sturdy leather and fabricated a loop or I would cut out a small sliver of leather, roll it up and finish it off with a tiny bead to use as button. But this takes time and patience and dexterity so I switched to ready made  closures.

Leather bracelet with leather button
 and wooden beads

Leather button with leather loop

What has my sister Lieve to do with all this? Well, she asked me to make some cable holders and since we were going to see each other at a family gathering, I would not sent them but bring them to the gathering. I wanted to show my relatives what I had already made I and took pictures of the bracelets, headbands, necklaces and mailed them to my family. My sister in law, Gudrun, who is very active and creative, said: you can't present your stuff like this: you need a model to show off your creations. Take everything you made to the gathering and we'll have a photo shoot with the young girls. You must know that I have a big family: I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and most of them have 2 or 3 children, some of them aged 20, 25. We had a nice shoot with nieces and my nephew's girlfriends, Gudrun taking the pictures. They turned out fantastic, the girls being born models.

Louise wears a leather choker
Valerie  has a leather hair band

Louise with leather necklace
Louise with leather hair band and leather bracelet

Anna with red leather choker
in punk style

Valerie with green leather cuff,
 punk style.

What happened between the gathering and now? That's for another post.

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