Thursday, August 10, 2017

What happened in March 2017?

Begin March, there are 2 birthdays to celebrate: Cindy, my sons girlfriend and Andrea, my goddaughter. I took the 3-hour train to Andrea's place; she's the daughter of Pieter, my second last brother and Gudrun, my capable sister in law. (You remember her from a previous post. She owns Concept Smalle.) Andrea is an athlete, dancer, sailor and we were going to celebrate her 17th birthday. Since I don't see her a lot, I started a couple years ago to take her out for dinner, just the two of us. She loves the attention and (I think) feeling grown up. I let her choose the place. We decided on leaving at 18.30; at 18.00 I called her to get ready, but I needn't to worry, she had already done her hair and was putting on some make up. She had chosen a nice Italian place and the food was nice and good.

The next day, Gudrun and I had the place and the time for ourselves. We talked about my new passion, leather accessories and she pointed out some things I had to brainstorm about: name, logo, website, domain name. Gudrun told me about her upcoming project: she met a steam-punk wedding dress designer, Gabrielle Détry.  For a week, they disposed of a window in a men's clothing store, Schmit Beaufays Men's; Gudrun would display the dresses in a fitting window display and one day the dolls would be replaced by models who showcased the wedding dresses and 2 couples would dress up and walk around in the neighborhood. Gudrun thought that some of my jewels matched the steam punk style and indeed, one of my cuff's was used.

Steam punk style wedding dresses by Gabrielle Détry

Steam punk style  leather Cuff by Lovelea

Back home, I had a week to find a name, create a logo, print the logo out and sent them to Gudrun. The name should cover my new project and I choose LoveLea. Isn't it about my Love for Leather. Once the name found I could think about a logo. My husband Suat (who is a musician, playing the 12-string guitar, writing and composing his own songs) is rather good in this kind of things and he made this beautiful logo:

This is the front of my logo

         and this is the back. I want to share my leather love
 with everybody,  hence the "we" love leather.
 I went to the print shop and had my logo printed; wow, how pride I felt with the printed logo's in my hand. This felt real! The only thing left was to mail them to Gudrun. Whew, everything ready right in time.

The exposition in July had drained me: the distance from home, the hot and humid weather, a painting  to give as a present to the city of Bergama still to be painted and little time, overdue work at home. No time and energy left for my leather projects. This week I really felt the urge to start again, but my hands and my brain  were left idle for too long and all I had was a blank mind. I went through my finished products and noticed I had not very much earrings. There were some white beads layin around  and, very important, their whole was large enough to get a leather thread through. I made some dressy and some sturdy earrings:

Dressy leather earrings by LoveLea

Sturdy leather earrings by Lovelea

Sturdy leather earrings in 60's colors by Lovelea

The earrings made, my inspiration came back; my love for tassels and chokers produced this:

Choker with tassel in nude colored leather

I want to finish this post with one of my husband's songs;  this is one of my favorite's; You can find the same link on the page My favorite Music on the left. Enjoy!

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