Thursday, August 3, 2017

Discovering another world.


At the family gathering, I delivered my sister Lieve's cable holders and the  ladies present bought some accessories which increased my moral: yes, I had found, started a lucrative business.
My realtives; picture taken by my sister Lieve

Back home, I realized I needed more and especially cheap requisites. I had made a nice choker:  leather lace 150 cm long with colorful glass beads pending from the 2 ends.
Louise wears a choker/belt.
Picture taken by Gudrun, Concept Smalle

One of my sister's liked the choker and when I said my price, she gave me a look of "are you out of your mind" while I really asked a modest price. Conclusion: if you're starting, unknown and make nice stuff, you are lucky to get your necessaries, materials back and forget about your investment in tools, the hours thinking about creating an original choker or cuff, the hours spent on realizing your thing, the mistakes you make...

 The beads for the choker, I got them at a Veritas-shop in Belgium (, but they don't provide that article any more and I had to look elsewhere. I searched the internet and found Kralenkiosk, an online shop in the Netherlands, nice choice, prices not too bad (  I had planned visiting my daughter Halise, aka Lis, who lives in the Netherlands and gave her address as destination address.  When my son in law, Fred saw the content, he said: why don't you have a look at AliExpress ( I gave it a try and a whole new world opened up: I was in Alibaba's cave! I spent hours and hours at the AliExpress store searching, choosing, comparing, choosing again until I came to the paying page: will be delivered in 3 à 6/7 weeks! Hrmpf: I want to start asap using!!! This asap was not 3 or 4 days but 3 à 6 weeks! Luckily, the packages came fairly rapid: 3 à 4 weeks.

I now possessed 200 wooden beads in different colors, 200 earring hooks, 100 toggle clasps, 10  hook claps with skulls and serpents and cows, 100 end caps, 80 snap buttons in different sizes and colors, 24 lobster claps, 1 cm and 3 cm. Little did I know it wouldn't go a long way. With the lobster claps, I didn't had to worry about size, the  6 cm chain gives room enough to fit a lot of wrist sizes or necks.

I had bought some magazines to have an idea what was in fashion and I was very pleased to see a lot of chokers. I like chokers myself and when you like something it is a lot easier to work on it. I looked at my scraps; I had for some time a small stash of fun fur pieces and had never done anything with it. Outside it was cold and just feeling the fur with my fingers, warmed me up. This set was the result:

Leather choker and cuff with fur, punk style.
Most of the time I like things (furniture, clothes, accessories, jewels, bags) simple, classy, chic: let the things speaks for themselves! No G. or MK for me. But sometimes I get bored and I need, want, crave for something more expressive, bold, even naughty and that's why I paired the fur (symbol of richness, money, I have made it) with spikes, studs and skulls.

My husband Suat is suffering from an upset stomach, nausea. I'll make him some tea of peppermint, fresh from the garden and a slice of lemon also from the garden. He'll feel better in no time.
Peppermint in the garden

Some lemons, riping in the sun in the garden

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