Thursday, July 27, 2017

A mission and a vision?

I am reading "The Fire Starter Sessions: A soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms" by Danielle LaPorte. In session 11: how you show up in the world, she says .... its all about: the mission and the vision. When reading that, I had my aha moment: I have no mission and no vision. Well, not exactly true, but it downed on me that I had it the wrong way: I am creating my stuff and then I think: can there be, is there a mission in making a leather choker? Truly, it sounds very poor, comic, superficial, worldly.  I am a spiritual person and need a justification of my worldly, frivolous creations. The only justification I could think of is: I can make a girl, a woman, a child happy and when that person is happy, when that person feels good because of my choker that person gets more confident and eventually confidence becomes an attitude and you are confident with or WITHOUT my choker.

And this morning, when quietly sipping my morning coffee, something came into my mind: I was thinking about an acquaintance and how that person reacted to a situation.  In my opinion, he had reacted poorly, but is it possible to behave different than you are? In my native language, there is a saying: iedere vogel zingt zoals hij gebekt is. Translated it goes like this: every bird sings so as his mouth/muzzle/bec is. Can you expect or do you expect a sparrow to sing as a blackbird? No, we can't, we don't do that. So why would I expect something like this of myself? I am a spiritual person, I do a lot of thinking, I've been through a lot of things; I am interested in a lot of different areas; I have some life experience AND I have this big need to create stuff and finally I found what I truly like: working with leather, feeling the softness and the sturdiness of leather, seeing and feeling the grain of the leather, detecting the small imperfections in the skin being the places the animal has been injured. 

I started a facebook page LoveLea for my leather business and it didn't work. Oh, I had some 50 followers, but I couldn't keep up the traffic. Last month I exposed my oil paintings and I had warned my fb readers that during the time of the exposition, I wouldn't have time to post anything. When the exposition was over, I realized I had no feeling to continue my fb page. But I didn't want to give up totally and after a couple days of ruminating I thought that combining my fb page with a blog might work. Lets say: promoting the leather accessories I make, is not my mission, but LoveLea  linked to a blog becomes a path to get in touch with people on another level. People would see my spiritual side and my creative side. My mission is to show my way of living, thinking, how I coop with life and hoping my words  can make a difference  for some people out there. My vision is: you can be a spiritual person, a deep person and still love, have a need of nice, beautiful, superficial, frivolous things.

Myself with a punk style set I created, ready for a wedding.

Today is a very busy day: I have to finish this post because Thursday is the day I publish my post. Today, July 27th, is my daughter Halise's 40th birthday. Today, 40 years ago, I gave birth to my lovely and sunny daughter Halise.

My daugther Halise, aka Lis

Today, our beloved brother-in-law, Robert Freedman, my sister Katrien's husband, passed away, transited as she calls it. He was so gentle, lovable, funny, R.I.P., Robert.

Robert Freedman

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