Thursday, March 15, 2018

Finding the lost paradise and experiencing a "Locanda".

yeeeeh, I am in Venice!!!

San marco, Venice
San Marco and the Doge's Palace, seen from the ferryboat.

We arrived by car via the 7 km long bridge, the Via della Libertad in Venice. The farest you can go by car is the Piazzale Roma and our hotel Ca Doge is on this square and our hotel has a parking, one of the few hotels that have a parking. The name of the hotel is fancy, the rooms are not as fancy as the name of the hotel but hey are nice,  in a good size, a  king size bed with excellent mattress, bathroom with shower, toilet, bidet and washstand;

Ca Doge, Venezia, bathroom
Ca Doge, Venezia, bathroom

enough choice in the breakfast room, staff is friendly and helpful and you have a guarded parking space, this is for us very important since Venice is a transit place.

Where to sharpen your taste buds?

Il Paradiso Perduto

Three years ago, we visited the Jewish ghetto and the Cannaregio area.  Around 6 pm we got hungry. Since this part is far less visited by tourists, there were not any restaurants visible. We accosted a local lady, asked her where we could eat real Venetian food and she advised Il Paradiso Perduto! on the Fundamenta Misericordia 2540 in the Cannaregio part of Venice, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't find a website but here you have some more info.The instructions to get there sounded very easy but I assure you, finding your way in Venice is  quite difficult But it was worth every effort! Outside, in front of the place was  a crowd, people sipping wine, eating chichetti (equivalent of Spanish tapas) having a good time; the inside looked weird, crazy with the floor laid in bricks tilting to one side, not one table or chair the same, crazy paintings of creatures half fish half human on the wall, a fire place with huge logs burning but the food, the food, probably the best restaurant I have ever been to. I say was because the place has been revamped with a level floor, a stove instead of the fire place and the weird paintings have been replaced by blurred ones but the food is as delicious as before: as starter or antipasti we had a mixed seafood platter for 2 persons: scallops, stuffed squibs, giant shrimps, sardines with tomato sauce, mussels, calamari salad, white fish paté, sour  sardines, grilled radicchio and carrots and peas. DELICIOUS!

seafood at Il Paradiso Perduto, Venice
seafood at Il Paradiso Perduto, Venice

As primmi piatti I had spaghetti cooked with the ink of the squid (it is really ink; I used it to draw and you get a darkish brown color when dried!) and my husband had a fish soup: mussels and different parcels of white fish and 2 big chunks of bread, delicious.

Fish soup at Il Paradiso Perduto
Fish soup at Il Paradiso Perduto

We were not the only one that appreciated the food: a cat choose out a table, begged for food, got food and then took things in her own "hands" and finished the bowl. The cat was the star until one of the waitresses picked her up and took her away.

The cat gourmand at Il Paradiso Perduto
The cat gourmand at Il Paradiso perduto

the Antica Locanda Montin

Last year, we were in Venice on a Tuesday and we learned that our beloved Paradise was closed. In a way it was good because we discovered another very good "Locanda". Wandering around the Campo Santa Margherita (more about the campo in the next post) we got hungry and asked a local for a good place to eat. Again it took us almost 30 min to find the place that was really only a 10 min away. It is a restaurant and a hotel. Here is their website.

The  Locanda montin is a very colorful, picturesque place to stay and eat. The interior is very interesting with its disparate and comic picture collection:

Locanda Montin, Venice
Locanda Montin, Venice; Photo courtesy of Suat Ozonder.

and a wonderful collection of Venetian glassware:

Locanda Montin, Venice
Glassware at Locanda Montin, Venice

and there is one word for the garden: gorgeous!

Locanda Montin, Venice, garden
Locanda Montin, Venice, garden.

and at night the ceiling light casts beautiful shadows:

Locanda Montin, Venice, ceiling light
Locanda Montin, Venice, ceiling light.

The food is as good as the interior: we had mussels and then each had a sole because we hadn't eaten sole in ages. The grilled eggplants and zucchini as a side dish and the caprese salad were excellent; one of the owners spoke French what made my husband very happy. The food pictures I took turned out blurred, sorry no pictures of the food.

Al vecio pozzo

The hotel recommends this place and it is frequented by Italians and tourists. There is a huge choice of pizza's and pasta's; but you should try their other very original dishes like the fried vegetables (a spectacular view and taste); we split the mussels and sardines Venetian style (sarde in saor). then I had the pasta spinacina, very simple but delicious with the spinach and butter and my husbands 4 formaggi was nice also. The red house wine is good and the next time I want to try out the prosecco house wine. The address is: Santa Croce 656, tra campo de la lana e rio martin. It is on a dead end street. Here is their website

Ristorante Taverna dei Dogi.

we had lunch at this restaurant the very first time we were in Venice. We had covered a lot of distance, were hungry and were in one of the most touristic area of Venice, not far from San Marco and the bridge of Sighs. My husband spotted the place; I had my doubts: a huge place, full of tourists, lots of groups, almost 3 pm. A waiter took us to the other end of the salon. I outed my fear of waiting too long but he said: you won't wait. We ordered fish and to my surprise, it didn't take long and the fish was good.  This happened a long time ago, maybe 7 years, but the taberna still exist and I have good memories of the place, despite the kitschy decoration and interior.

If you are only for a couple of days in Venice,  and you want to avoid the beaten path, this choice of 4 places should be enough to start with. If you stay longer, you can discover your own favorite place and tell us about it! I love to try new food, new places to eat if they are authentic or honest. So please leave your suggestions in a comment below!

Next week, we'll go treasure hunting! Be sure to get the next post in your mail box by subscribing in the column on the right.

See you!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

What have leather, skin care, dental abscess and inflammation in common?

What could this be?

What possibly could this very disparate items have in common? This post will tell you all about it: it is coconut oil, a real miracle medium. As you can deduct from the title, I use it for a lot of things. But first things first:


This week, only one product has seen the daylight: a man bracelet. I haven't that many items for men, so I concentrated on a man's bracelet. The bracelet will look good curved around a strong male wrist.

Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button.
Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button.

 I only used leather and glue, no metal snap buttons however a button is needed, I made a leather one, out of 3 layers of leather and a leather loop as buttonhole and white cowhide to make the bracelet tougher. View it at my fb shop

Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button., button detail.
Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button., detail.

Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button, loop detail.
Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button, loop detail.

 What has leather to do with coconut? 

I use it to soften leather.  I have had it about this subject but if you don't remember or haven't read yet, never mind, here is the meant post, paragraph. Always try the coconut first at a not visible space; watch if it absorbs well without leaving a greasy spot.

Want nice tight facial skin?

When I was a teen, I bought a sun oil that contained coconut oil. It stated that the native people used it for skin care. I don't remember who the natives were, this was many many years ago. I reasoned that since advertising is strictly regulated, the info must be true. I bought a big jar and smeared it every night and every morning on my face. It makes your skin tight and radiant, it really does, try and see for yourself! The product was excellent but the jar was very down to earth and the eye wants something too. I visited antique shops until I found this purple bottle that I filled with rose water (rosewater is excellent to clean your face from pollution, not to remove make up and it is excellent to wash your eyes when they hurt from tobacco smoke) and the green ceramic recipient was perfect for my coconut oil. The transparent bottle I bought for the love of the stopper. The green jar made me feel more glamorous and it was more pleasant to use, less a duty! Yes, package is important! I have been using the jar and the oil for decades. My skin looks healthy and well fed, anyway that's what my daughter always tells me and of course, I believe her.

My skin care personalia.
My skin care personalia.

How I saved my tooth!

Besides caring for your skin, it cares for your health. A couple years ago I had a dental abscess. My dentist said: I'll give you antibiotics and then we'll pull that tooth out. I said: no way, I want to keep this tooth. A year later, my tooth again had an abscess; I went to another dentist and told her about my problem; she said: if you can save your tooth by taking antibiotics once a year, lets not pull this tooth. I was quite happy with  this solution; a book about coconut oil stated that the oil is good for dental health. Since then, every morning I hold one spoonful of coconut oil in my mouth next to the problem tooth and let it melt; I haven't used any antibiotics since then! In fact, I almost never take antibiotics.

Caring for wounds

And a third use for coconut oil is for dressing wounds: when we were moving, I bumped my leg heavily on a corner; it bled a bit and then stopped; I was wearing stockings and getting them out to have a look was too much of a bother and I left it as it was. In the evening I had a look, washed the dried blood away, put some coconut oil on a gauge bandage and then forgot about it for 2 days. When I took away the bandage, my skin around the wound was red, very red and very hot and had pus. It looked pretty bad, the look of it scared me, I had a serious inflammation on my hands. My husband said: you should take antibiotics; but then I have to go to the doctor, get a prescription, go to the pharmacy,... way too much of a bother.  I cleaned the wound, applied the coconut oil diligently 3 times a day and in about 5 days, the inflammation went away and the wound healed perfectly.

When travelling, I always have a good closing mini jar with me. Coconut oil is solid till 22 à 24° C so be sure your jar closes hermetically! You arrive in your hotel room, exhausted and want to brush your teeth before sleeping and your toiletry bag is inundated by coconut oil? You don't want that, so choose a good closing jar.

Start right away,

the sooner you get a jar of (organic and with smell) coconut oil, the better. Massage it gently in your face after cleaning with rose water and in the morning; hold a spoonful of coconut in your mouth until it melts and do this for a week and from time to time preventive and if you or anyone got injured, use coconut oil to clean and care for the wound.

What I am telling you here, is not from some web page, it is my own experience. I am sure there are lots of other uses; coconut oil is an all round, versatile remedy. This is what I use coconut oil for. Do you have other uses? Please, leave a comment, I would love to learn more.

I will hit the publish button when I am in Venezia, la Serenissima! So don't miss the next post, subscribe  to my email address. or use the  subscribe button in the right column. There will be plenty of tips about Venice!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to stay warm elegantly and how not to sabotage yourself.

Warm and elegant!

In winter we try to stay warm with layers and layers of thick wool and we end up looking like a Michelin Man! Is there another way? Yes, there is and it is a large leather cuff that keeps your wrist warm. If your wrist is warm, your arm is warm and if.... It is incredible how much help this cuff is; this is not magic but logic: the cuff is close enough to your skin to maintain your body warmth  and not to close it makes you sweat. I made this one for me, in fact it is my prototype and I am so glad I found out how useful this cuff is, I recommend it to everybody. Not only useful but cool and versatile. I made tiny incisions in a geometric pattern I contrived hoping the pattern will show while wearing, but until now only a couple of incisions have become more visible. Maybe it is just as good, it will keep me warmer.

LoveLea's cuff in red leather.
My personal leather cuff, made by LoveLea. 

And this cuff is a in a lovely moss green leather in a spiced up Western style with fringes and studs, not handy while working but cool for shopping, city hopping, elegant when salsa dancing and whenever you are outside (available here).

Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringes.
Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringe

The picture above is my presentation picture and below you can have a full look.

Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringe, closeup.
Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringes, closeup. 

And I have a gorgeous white one; when I was a child, you could only ware dark colors in winter and white or other light colors were reserved for the summer. Nowadays you can wear any color at any time, so why not wearing this glamorous white one now ( available here ) and later in the year to a beach party?

LoveLea's white leather cuff.
LoveLea's white leather cuff.

Don't sabotage yourself

I spent the weekend at my daughters place. She has applied secretly for a job and she got the job. We are leaving for our summer house in less then 2 weeks and she wanted us to come over to her place before we leave. Once working, there won't be much time left for being together, drive around, visit antique and brocante shops, spoiling the grand children.

But why did she keep her applying secret? It is the thing to do, a must; if you have a goal and are working to get there, you mustn't  tell anybody about it not even a friend you trust, not even your Mum! (Not that I wish her ill or bad luck, I might have opinions that differ from hers and the outcome could be different.) There are forces working behind you, in spite of you and someone might be jealous, are is a phony friend, your friend might have an opinion that differs from yours, a different view on the situation and all this together might be stronger than your spirit and then you don't attain your goal! When not telling anyone, there is no interfering. When she told me she got a job, I was flabbergasted, but very very pleased. So please, keep everything to your self how difficult this might be until you attain your goal.

Defy the cold weather with this cuffs from my cuff collection.

Do you have any story or experience with this type of sabotage, tell us below in the comments box.

Next week I will be on the road 💨💨💨 ! hopefully with lots of nice pictures and thrilling stories to tell. See you!

P.S.: my muhammara recipe offer is still open. Muhammara is based on healthy ingredients like tomato paste, garlic and walnuts and is delicious as a meze, a dip or a little snack. If you're interested in getting the recipe, click here.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cool bracelet for feminine dress, Repurposing and Lessons in balance with Etem Dede.

Cool bracelet for feminine dress

2 weeks ago my daughter and I went shopping; we mostly window shopped and on our way back to the car we passed a window displaying wine and 2 flowered dresses. We could see racks of clothes further back in the store. Inside we saw the same dress on racks in different places and in different colors. While my daughter tried out the different colors, I went searching and supplied her  with more choices; when she gave up, I found a dress with the flowers on a black background and that was a hit. She emailed me her outfit a couple days ago; the contrast of her feminine dress and a  black leather biker jacket urged me to design a matching bracelet. And I came up with this bracelet:

LoveLea's cool custom made bracelet in black leather
LoveLea's cool custom made bracelet in black leather

It is a simple yet stark design, totally right for the outfit:

My daughters new outfit; courtesy of Lis Ozonder.


I love to repurpose; my mother in law had 2 shawls, one in grey-blue the other in a mud brown. Obviously she loved the grey-blue one the better because the middle was really really worn down.  I haven't been sewing in a long time and I felt the time right to do something with the good parts that were left. And these good parts had fringes!!! Since the materiel was wool and  fragile and soft, I decided to line it with a contrasting cotton flowery fabric. The handles are made out of leather kept in place with rivets! The leather gives the bag instantly a boost and you don't have to cut out long strips of fabric, sew them and turn them inside out and it is a lot more sturdy.  Until now, I haven't found a purpose for the bag, it decorates a chair but you could keep your needlework, embroidery or a crochet project in it, any small project. I might put it up for sale.

Lovelea's repurposed shawl bag.
LoveLea's repurposed shawl bag!

My savior in times of trouble.

Do you remember my new years resolution was to bring balance in my life and that my first lesson was to get rid of my beloved furniture? My sister Mieke reading about my misfortunes and disappointments, phoned me to ask how I was cooping, isn't she a doll!

Recently I had a lot of occasions to bring my life back in balance. In the last 2 weeks, I lost my keys at least 4 times! My head is so full of stuff I have to do, things to remember that I am living on automatic pilot and when my keys are not in my coat pocket or on the door, I have a black hole and can't remember what I did with them. Even when I find them, I can't remember how my keys ended up in that place!! I just feel terrible, want to puke, crawl in bed and stay there for days! I really have to slow down and get things out of my head and BE IN THE PRESENT.

Do you know Etem Dede? It is a Turkish "being" that helps you find your lost object and he/she/it really helps: you say: Etem Dede (2x) gömlegin ketenden Dede, bu ...... bulayim, sana 10 göbek atam Dede. Which means: Etem grandpa (2x) with your flaxen shirt, if I find my (your lost object, f.i keys), I will shake my belly 10 (or more) times. If you're in a hurry and say that you need it immediately, you'll find it in minutes! Of course I then promise to dance 20 times instead of 10. Asking for help makes me double aware that I have to do something to get my life on track and keep my head clear and functional.

How about you? Do you like to repurpose something? What kind of things do you repurpose? How about mislaying your keys? What do you do so they don't get lost anymore? You can leave your message ; just click on "Post a comment".

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Muhammara and designing for musicians. Talking to Victoria

Designing for musicians.

After days and days of bad weather, we had 2 sunny days in a row. I feel like summer is coming and, since I haven't designed for a week,  I started with a very simple choker and bracelets but in a stunning fluo color. Definitely, wearing this bracelet or choker on a rainy day will cheer you up!

LoveLea's fluo choker and bracelets.
LoveLea's fluo choker and bracelets.

Isn't this a vibrant, shiny and saturated color? The wide bracelet has some imperfections but makes it cooler.

A while ago, I asked my husband and my son if they would were my creations when performing, since both are musicians. They both said they didn't wear bracelets. I asked if some of the other musicians would wear them and they answered that wearing a bracelet isn't handy, even annoying and they are right. I studied the violin  a couple of years and I remembered that I didn't want anything around my wrist when playing. Then it occurred to me I should design a bracelet for musicians! The main problem with a bracelet when playing is that it moves around your wrist. I designed a bracelet that looks like a regular bracelet but has a "hidden" elastic. Luckily my husband accepted to pose with the bracelet on the condition that I didn't show his face.

LoveLea's musician bracelet.
LoveLea's musician bracelet.

Underneath the paler brown leather, you can see the black elastic, but it is invisible when wearing.

LoveLea's musician bracelet.
LoveLea's musician bracelet.

Muhammara is the new humus!

 I read this a while ago and that in NYC it is all about muhammara.

LoveLea's muhammara
Lovelea's muhammara.

Almost every culture in the Near East and Middle East claims muhammara to be part of their culture; truth is that in this area of the world different cultures, different religion have lived hundreds of years side by side, have intermingled, have cross married, have exchanged food and recipes and it is difficult to say what recipe belongs to what people or culture.

 As a former restaurant owner I know what I'm talking about. We served muhammara as an appetizer and everybody who eats spicy, liked it, wanted it, craved it. One customers eyes just lighted up when ordering muhammara. And we did eat the food we prepared in our restaurant and always used good ingredients, good quality. Muhammara is made of healthy ingredients like tomato paste, walnuts, garlic, etc. and you consume it as a meze, a dip or a snack; make it as hot as you like. Delicious! If you're interested in getting the recipe, click here. I won't claim that our recipe is thé recipe, the only and only recipe, but it is a honest recipe with healthy ingredients and should taste much much better than a store-bought version.

Victoria and me.

Last weekend, my son and daughter with partners and children came to our house to celebrate the New Year and the birthday of my husband. It feels so good to be united, to be a family and as a mother to have them around me and to be able to care for them. Two of the 3 grand children stayed for 2 nights. I had a nice chat with my 8 year old granddaughter Vicky: just the 2 of us were at the breakfast table and we were looking outside at the clouds and then with a small voice she confided that she liked to look at the clouds to discover animals in them and she pointed to the sky and said: look, there is a kitten lying on her back with her paws in the air. She went on: wouldn't it be nice to SIT on a cloud? I always want to touch a cloud!  Mostly she is quiet and seems to observe, but now I know she has a rich imagination and that a lot of things are happening inside that little head of hers. She is so fragile, your instinctive protection feelings are always at the surface.

Did you click to get you muhammara recipe? easy to make and no extraordinary ingredients, no electrical appliances needed.

See you next week!

Friday, February 9, 2018

About making masks and Carnaval memories.

The conception of a leather mask.

Next Tuesday, the 13th it is carnival, not that I am a party nose but I made, noblesse oblige, a leather mask! For week and weeks, a silver colored paper mask was laying around, telling me: make  a leather copy of me, but I didn't get it; last week I really saw the mask, copied it to black leather, cut it out and then I was stuck: how to attach the elastic in an elegant way? you can't use a leather mask with ends of elastic visible, sticking out of the front!

I thought about a button and went to the store and there I saw buttons with 1 big hole on the back: perfect! I got 2 black buttons and some tubular elastic. I went home, laced the elastic through the hole I made in the mask,  from the back to the front, through the buttonhole and then back to the back of the mask where I made a knot to keep the elastic in place; the same thing on the other side. I tried it on, thinking this will be neat but my lashes kept touching the leather and it was impossible to wear it! I examined the paper mask, thought about the mask I had seen in the store and then it dawned: the materiel should be rigid, stiff. I cut out a second one from leather a bit more stiff, undid the buttons from the first mask, tied them to the stiffer one and it's o.k.!!! I can go ahead and make some more, maybe in different colors if I have the right leather. It is almost cat eyed!

LoveLea's Carnival mask
LoveLea's Carnival mask.

Carnival memories.

When I was a child, I shared a room with my sister Lieve. Our room was on the street side. When it was Mardi Gras, lots of people went out dressed up, wearing a mask, shaking a rattle. They changed their voices when talking to the girls so that nobody could recognize them. This was THE EVENING when people could live their life to the full, almost everything was permitted. We lived on a main street and the rattles, the talking, the joking, the laughing made a lot of noise. We couldn't resist to open the window and showing as less as possible of ourselves, observe the partying people. Sometimes we were seen and became the object of their jokes, gags and nonsense, the whole street looked at us and that was the end of the fun for us. We longed to be part of the fun and at the same time were scared to be there.


Two days before we left the summerhouse, we picked all the lemons that grow this year. We used to have 2 lemon trees, but 4 or 5 years ago, winter was very harsh, it went below zero and one tree didn't survive. The other tree, which we had planted in a good protected spot was badly damaged but survived because we trimmed the tree from all its branches until only the main structure was left. We didn't get any fruit for 4 years  but 2017 gave us about 30 kilo's of lemon. One year we even had 150 kilo's!

green lemons
Still green lemons, will be used at the latest. 

When picked we sort them according to maturity, pack them one by one in tissue paper and store them in crates. We took 2 crates with us and use them in salads, soups, tea or çay, the zest in desserts. In the spring  I gather the flowers falling down and use them in cakes; I am not a good dessert cook and besides an occasional apple pie, I mostly bake a cake but you could use the flowers in plenty of other preparations. I store them in the deep freezer and they hold well.

This is a short post: I have been very busy, had unexpected visitors 2 times and feel like the flu is coming at me. I Hope to have a surprise for you all, either next week or the following week.

Do YOU have any carnival memories? Share them in the comments section, we would love to read them.

See you next week!

Friday, February 2, 2018

About men bracelets and serendipity.

Designing for men.

Designing girl's Valentine jewelry goes fluent, for men, it is different. You can't give your boyfriend or sweetheart a bracelet with red hearts, still  girls want to express their feelings, take initiative and give their friend a symbol of their love: I have to design a men friendly bracelet. Designing for men is difficult for me. I have some super nice bracelets in wrinkled leather but it is the leather that talks to me and says: use me for a man bracelet. Below is a picture one of this bracelets (more pictures here).

LoveLea's Men Bracelet in wrinkled leather.
LoveLea's Men Bracelet in wrinkled leather.

How to design a bracelet and link this to Valentine in a "manly" way? I asked my husband, but the only thing I got out of him was: I don't wear bracelets; same answer came from my son. My son in law loves braided leather, but that is a step to far, out of my line. I was on my own!

I went through my stash of leather and my eye fell on cowhide scraps I bought recently. All very odd forms with a couple of long strips. One of this strips had nice details like curls and different colors. Perfect for a men's bracelet! Now the link to Valentine: red was out of the question. I can see a biker with a cowhide bracelet but not with red accessories;  leaves me the heart shape: I cut out by hand 3 hearts in different sizes in black leather, laced them up to a string of black leather, punched 2 holes in the bracelet, laced both ends through the holes, pasted the ends to the back and voila:

LoveLea's Men Bracelet in cowhide and black heart
LoveLea's Men Bracelet in cowhide and black hearts.

No biker can refuse to wear this gift from his girl friend! Did you see the interesting curls on the left and the thwarted direction of the hair on the right? and the gradations in the color? Superb! And the black hearts are there, but very subtle. I'll make more of this style, (more pictures here).

This is also a bracelet for men, with a vintage evil eye bead, a "Love" plate, a coin and some tufts of silver fox fur. The leather is very nice: thin, flexible yet strong, just for an man's wrist. More pictures here.

LoveLea's Men Bracelet for Valentine.
LoveLea's Men Bracelet for Valentine.

Our first visitors!

last Sunday we had our first visitors. Remember the linen closet I couldn't get to the first floor because the stairs were to narrow? I took pictures of all the furniture that I couldn't place, emailed the pictures to my relatives and my niece Anna liked the linen closet. She is young, moved recently to a bigger house and has room for it. With her partner she came to get the closet and a small card table. I had invited them for tea of coffee afterwards. The living room was still a bit messy and their coming was a big incentive to get the house orderly. It took me about 2 hours to give everything a place, rather I should say to find a place for everything, but the house looked nice and cozy when they came. Even though it was very hard to let go of all my nice but big furniture, I have to admit that it is pleasant to live in a house that is not crowded or crammed.


I want to close this post with an event that gave me goosebumps! I sent my sister Katrien a New Year's greetings card and she emailed me the card was in her mailbox and that she was very happy with my card. I didn't sent her a standard New Years greetings card but a print with very subtle colored flowers and some more things. She recently lost her husband and I wanted to write something special and meaningful to her. I put the card aside and it took me a while to get ready to write to her. I had chosen that card mainly because of the muted yet lively colors. When I looked at the print to find inspiration, I was struck by the number of symbols that were in the picture  (floxgloves, a butterfly and a bird) and wrote something nice concerning this symbols.

In her email she said that she sees  butterflies (there were 2 of them) as "signs" from her husband and that her husband used to give her cards with hummingbirds on it! I honestly had no idea that a butterfly and a hummingbird had this  meaning to her! And all this because I liked the colors of the card! Just telling you about this gives me goosebumps again!

And I almost discarded those cards: they were in the mailbox and in the accompanying letter it said: if you like me, buy me. I hate this kind of command: I am in your mailbox, now you have to pay! I just glanced at them, liked the colors and decided not to throw them away. Good for me and for my sister.

Now it is your turn to tell me about your serendipity; maybe this is not really serendipity but I don't know the right word for this kind of occurrence; if you know, please leave a message in the box below.

See you next week!

Finding the lost paradise and experiencing a "Locanda".

yeeeeh, I am in Venice!!! San Marco and the Doge's Palace, seen from the ferryboat. We arrived by car via the 7 km long bridge, ...