Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine Day to everyone! Family Weekend Update with pictures! Fish leather you said?

I wish all my readers a Happy Valentine Day. May we use this day as a reminder that we NEED love in our life. Let's start with giving Love and thus make space for getting love in return! Not only today but for the rest of our lives. Remember: Love is the absence of judgement!

Day 1

My last post hadn't any pictures because my laptop was in the shop. Again the battery caused problems so either I replace the battery or I get a new one;  my laptop surely is 10 years old. I refuse to use Cloud; I know it is handy but I don't want to give out of hand the little control that is left to us, end consumer.  All is well now and I have pictures for you.

Let's go 1 week back in time. My big brother would get the keys of the ex-hotel now gite around 4 pm on Friday February 1;  we had a save drive through a snow landscape and on arriving 10 people were already there. We brought the food we were responsible for to the kitchen, choose a room and I made the beds right away; nothing more awful than you want to crawl into bed, drunk with sleep and your bed is unmade.

More and more people dripped in and around 8 pm we were "plenary", 29 in total. We had decided on a potluck dinner for the first evening and it was fun to discover what was displayed on the table: mostly cheese, cold meats and soup. I had brought  an avocado salad and a dry pea soup; pea soup is just what you need when it's snowing outside. My nephew you can see in the picture is ALWAYS in shorts, inside and outside!

Discovering our Potluck Dinner
Discovering our Potluck Dinner.

My sister-in-law Gudrun (Concept Smalle) made a doodle and we signed up in advance for 2 corvees and food for 15 people for Saturday and Sunday; on the spot everybody knows what she/he has to do and once supper over clearing the tables and doing the dishes went smooth and the kitchen was spic&span in no time and we could start our games, play pool or just talk and catch up with family. I played Cluedo with my sisters, a  niece and my goddaughter; then we played Codenames with my nephews and around midnight I went to bed.

Young and old playing games.
Young and old playing games, no generation gap.

Day 2

This 3 nieces slept in one room, did something with Musically until after midnight and were out of bed at 6.30 am eager to make their slime:

3 girls making slime
3 nieces making slime

After breakfast the next morning, we left the hotel for a walk monitored by a guide. He showed us a beaver dam, traces in the snow of a badger, a wild boar and deer. The children walked along bravely without complaining, we only heard their cries of joy when seeing a field covered with untouched snow; in no time a small snowman was made!

Ready for the walk
Assembling before the walk.

That noon, my husband and I had signed up for preparing lunch. Luckily we had prepared our bolognaise sauce at home, it is a nuisance to cook in an unknown kitchen; my sister Lieve made a salmon sauce and Catherine and Mieke  a Far Eastern type of noodles. The young ones were hungry after the 5 km walk and were first in line to serve themselves heaps of  pasta and went back for more before everybody else was served.

In the afternoon, we visited the city, La Roche en Ardennes; some of us went to the WWII museum, I went with my nephews to visit the local castle built wholly with local schist stone. Sadly it was closed by the time we got there so we went for a hot chocolate.

For Saturdays supper, we catered; we did some speeches and I took word to tell that this year I had presents for all the guys: a little pouch or a memento mori for the bikers. Supper finished I took my box and let them choose a pouch or a skull bracelet for the bikers. They all loved the idea of the memento mori. That evening, the ladies occupied the pool room and my brother in law started dancing later on. I am self conscious but between family I feel secure enough to dance.

Day 3

My second brother is born on December 24 and my mother used to adorn the Christmas Log for his birthday with a marzipan baby Jesus. He continues this tradition and got us special breakfast bread with little pink Jesus'es.

After breakfast on our last day, we walked the 2.5 km to the castle; one of my nephews, who is an architect, told us that he is "going through a medieval period" and he was very excited to finally visit the stronghold/feudal castle; very impressive with its courtyards, cistern, prison, guarding towers.The building was started in the 11th century and is entirely constructed with shale held together with chalk and sand. It is built on various impressive rock formations. The structure is visible in this picture.

Below an overview of the different courtyards and defense tower with the semicircle of the cistern visible in the foreground.

My sister in the foreground, my daughter on the right and my niece with boyfriend are enjoying the view.

Family members enjoying the view
Family members enjoying the view

We stayed at this ex-hotel

Gite Les Merlettes, La Roche en Ardennes, Belgium
Gite Les Merlettes, La Roche en Ardennes, Belgium

At noon we had our last meal together: a delicious chili-con-carne and when the kitchen was tidied up, we left. 

And this is the youngest of the family, Gust with his grandpa, the second eldest of my family. 

little Gust with grandpa; courtesy of S. Ozonder
little Gust with grandpa; courtesy of S. Ozonder

Fish leather!

I love to try exotic food: fruits, vegetables, meat, the more exotic  and strange, the better! That does not include insects and the like. Not surprising at all that one day on Pinterest I saw a pin about fish skins: flexible enough to be used in jewelry! Last Monday my trout skin in dark chocolate arrived in a big box. Despite the good care, the skin was bent and did not straighten out. I thought about ironing the skin but my gut feeling told me it wasn't o.k. so I emailed the company about it. I got a mail back in a couple of hours: especially no ironing, just put a heavy book like a dictionary on top of it for a couple days. What I did and here is the skin:

newly arrived trout skin in dark chocolate
newly arrived trout skin in dark chocolate

detail of my newly arrived trout skin in dark chocolate
detail of the trout skin.

It is a lot more brittle than expected so I'll have to do a good thinking session what I can do with the skin. One thing I know: it will be jewelry for men. Jewelry for men is doing very good on Pinterest, so I 'll follow this lead. The biggest challenge will be to protect the edges from crumbling or so I think, I might be wrong. 

Anyway, if you are curious about this fish leather, don't miss my next post, I'll have more news for you.

Have a nice Valentine Day, keep away from judging and you'll be loved by everyone.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Family weekend story; Ho'oponopono is your savior.

Family Weekend

I am back from the family weekend loaded with energy. Everybody was in a good mood, happy to see each other what created heaps of energy. We are a walking family; when coming together our main activities are walking, eating and drinking, party games and sometimes dancing. We discovered the environment while walking with a guide, saw a beaver dam, badger tracks, special plants, played pool in the poolroom, played party games and did some dancing.

The girls, between 9 and 12 made slime, and this is a nice example  that the way is equally imported as the goal; they spent good time on making the slime and having a lot of fun comparing each other results: whoaaa, yours is so malleable and mine is still sticky. The boys, between 12 and 18 played pool and my grandson, the youngest of the boys learned pool and became a good player in a short time.

At the moment, I am not able to show pictures, since the lamp of my laptop crashed again! I downloaded all the pictures to my laptop and deleted them from my camera, no pics at the moment. I hope my laptop will be done by publishing time. I have a family picture that my husband made before starting the big walk in the surroundings. I haven't heard yet from the shop where I took my laptop, I'll make a phone call right after publishing this post!

LoveLea's family weekend at La Roche, Be; courtesy of S. Ozonder
Family weekend at La Roche, Be;
courtesy of S. Ozonder

Saved by Ho'oponopo!

Two weeks ago we got a big screen to watch movies we download from the internet. Then I got an email from my provider that my 150 GB were almost finished; this is when I learned that a big screen is a pixel hoger and we used half of our GB by watching 3 or 4 movies. At this moment we have no GB left; we can still surf but very slowly. I can't even use Tailwind, only 3 or 4 pins at a time! I am doing my homework to find a solution for this new situation.

Luckily there is Ho'oponopono. What's that? Since all that happens to us, we have attracted, we can forgive ourselves with this Hawaiian clearing prayer, says Jen Mazer in Manifesting Made Easy. You say out loud 10 times:
- I love you= to get in a state of love;
- I'm sorry= you take responsibility for what you have brought into your life so far,
- Please forgive me= for forgetting that the Universe is love
- Thank you= is acknowledging that your petition has been heard.
You can say this prayer whenever you are upset or notice others upset around you.

These technical problems give me reasons enough to get upset but thanks to this prayer, I can take the situation without fretting, I can accept the situation without worrying. Isn't that great? If I am not manifesting, at least my life is getting more sereen.

I hope I'll be able to show you pictures of the family weekend by next week and I'll tell you what I did for my technical problems.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Do you manifest?

Tons of people must have read "the Secret". Maybe you, my reader, have read a book or books about manifesting. Aren't we all eager to actualize our dreams? But how many people actually do manifest? I read the secret, I read Abraham Hicks, Feel free to prosper, tried EFT alas to no avail.

About 6 months ago, somebody posted an article on FB about manifesting. I commented that I didn't believe in manifesting any more. She advised me to read: Manifesting Made Easy by Jen Mazer and that this book would really help.

I got the book, started reading, made (almost all) the exercises, found my limiting beliefs, watched my language, choose a date when my dream should come true and wrote that date into my calendar. 19th of January came and went: nothing happened. What was I thinking?? that really out of the blue a shop owner would contact me and say: hey, I like your leather jewelry, I super mostly want sell your jewelry! I did the planting and the nurturing and waited. Don't they say that you don't have to worry about the how.

While waiting, I also bought an e-book about marketing handmade products, did all the work so my business would be ready, would look professional: I know all about sales channels and funnels, ideal customer, branding, unique selling points but nada, rien du tout.

You know I design and create leather jewelry! That's the fun and easy part. Selling, marketing, seo  is the hard part; it takes up so much time that you hurt your relationships. So I had a dream that a shop, a real shop, not a virtual, online shop would be interested in my jewelry.

I did manifest! 

Actually I have manifested, but that was ages ago, when nobody talked about manifesting, when people didn't believe in manifesting, you underwent your life, no control possible, only coincidence existed. I married in my second year of college; we were very poor and lived from a scholarship, just enough for very basic stuff; no money for clothes for our second baby. I remember this as yesterday: as a matter of fact, no drama, I simply remarked to myself that my baby girl needed clothes and 2 days later an aunt mailed me some clothes! Several of this cases happened. I didn't do anything special; the only had to think: I need this and a couple days later it manifested.

When I was still a teacher, one morning I went to work and it started pouring; I was soaked to my bones. That was the last time it happened because since then, every time the weather looked bad, I asked the universe for dry weather. I asked if the weather could be dry between, let's say, 8 and 8.30 am and the weather would be dry. I never take an umbrella any more and I always am lucky with the weather, with the help if the Universe! Thank you Universe, Funny, it didn't work on my way back home.  You see: I can manifest good weather, most of the time or a parking space.

Could it be that I know too much now. Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing. Maybe I try to hard and I should let go, try to find the state of mind I was in when young and had no clue? Little things I have manifested, at least what seems small to me though the Universe knows no big or small. Writing this out was beneficial, I feel reinvigorated. Thanks for listening!

If anybody can give me some practical advise, you're welcome, I'll be glad to read it.

This post is kind of short. My husband and me have both been ill, we got stomach flu, thankfully a light version but we both feel weak, no energy left. I'am using my energy sparingly and keep it for the  Family Weekend starting tomorrow Friday. One more good night rest and I 'll be born new.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Butter for the birds. What does snow smell like to you? Preparations for the family gathering.

Butter for the birds.

I like a bit of butter with my bread for breakfast.  I also like spiced olive oil to dip my bread into at breakfast, but now we are diverging: it is about butter. For 2 years we've been buying buttermilk-butter: it has a lot of taste and is slightly acid. About a week ago, I took out a bar of butter out of the fridge, cut it in half and deposited one half in it's special tray. It kind of smelled different, maybe looked slightly more yellow than usual and I thought: the cows must have been fed a different kind of food. My husband also had questions about the butter and we put the tray aside.

About an hour later, my son called and said: I am in the neighborhood, could I grab a bite to eat. Mothers are always glad to feed someone and if it's your child, it even feels better. So I prepared him a nice lunch and put the butter tray on the table. When he sat down, he said: what's this smell. Then I thought about the butter and said: maybe it is the butter. He smelled the butter and said: yes, this sour smell comes from the butter. Now we were sure that something was wrong with this butter.

I had no desire to keep the butter in the fridge till we were going back to the super market. Besides this, a week before my butter "problem" I had had a problem with cheese that I reported by email and I got an email back: we didn't made this product, you should report it to the producer!!  You understand I had no incentive to email them again.

I hate to throw away something; my daughters always says: it is obvious that you are a post-war child. I toyed with the idea to give the bar to the neighbors; what could I say: we didn't like the smell of this butter, do you want it? No, that would be very rude even insulting. I felt a resistance to throw the butter in the trashcan. Then my mind went to the birds: it is cold outside, birds like some fat, need fat. This is THE moment to find out if birds like butter! I cut a small piece of butter and left it outside together with some cheese rinds. The next day, the butter was gone. Conclusion: birds like butter even if it is somewhat rancid.

I am more than halfway through my 250 gr of butter as I get an email in my box: "after many complaints from customers about funny smell and taste of the buttermilk butter, we have decided to take this butter out of the racks. You can return butter with 09/02/2019 expiration date to the shop!" This was our very butter. Finally the shop takes it's responsibility seriously.

I am happy I could be of service to the birds. The weather has been particular bad in the last month: persistent rain since a month, now 3 days of sun but temperatures beneath zero. Maybe my butter saved lives! Today, the day of my publishing, they will be fed the last part of the butter.

Finally snow!

It is almost February and only 3 days ago we had the first snow! I like a real winter with cold, sunny and dry days;weather that you have to wear 2 pair of woolen socks to keep your feet warm. I like to wear wool. I can finally wear my nice winter clothing before it is eaten by moths. That's me in the picture below.

LoveLea in the snow
your author in the snow.

The city is blissfully silent, few people are walking in the streets, almost no cars on the road. Your feet make the lovely crunchy sound that is specific for snow suitable for a good snowball fight.  We walk carefully where the sidewalk is sloping; slipping and being smacked to paving stones hurts your butt.

What I did miss is the smell. Snow announces itself with this particular fresh, cold smell, I can't find words to describe! A couple hours, sometimes days before, when the snow is still in the sky, you can smell snow. Maybe it is a tiny bit like laundry washed and boiled with real, old fashioned, artisanal, hand-made soap. I miss both smells.


Next weekend we will be heading south for our bi-annual family gathering. I have one week left to make more pouches. I have made 8 of them so far but I am running out of slouchy leather; this quality of leather makes the nicest pouches. Luckily there are a lot of bikers in the family and I will gift them a memento mori with the advice to have a small ritual before hitting the road. I can't wait to see all of them back and hold the smallest member and latest asset in my arms.

LoveLea's leather pouches.
8 pouches ready as gift.

I'll tell you all about the weekend later; that is in 2 weeks. For now that's it. If you have snow, enjoy the whiteness, the crispness of your world, the new silence, the joy of your children or grand children,  making a snowman, having a snow ball fight, gliding on a home made ice rink !

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Use the coming Valentine's day to make up the balance of your relationships.

The world needs a Valentine Day

Some time ago my husband and I went to a restaurant; we were making conversation when a couple arrived and was shown to their table. Barely seated the girl started texting and this went on till their food arrived, then some conversation was started!  Her plate finished, she returned to her cell phone and her companion/friend/husband was left to himself.

Luckily there is Saint Valentine to remind us, human beings, that we live a life in community, are part of a entity. Valentine's Day gives us a chance to celebrate the special and wonderful relationship you HAVE with another person or you get a chance to SHOW that you want a special relationship with someone.

Lovelea's Valentine Jewelry

My Valentine jewelry is here to help you express your feelings when you can't find the words, if words don't come easy to you. More: Valentine jewelry is a permanent declaration of your love.  If you do find words, your gift will fortify them. A gift shows that you took the time, the effort to choose and spent money on a present for your beloved.

This year I only created bracelets so you get to choose between different kinds of bracelets: in a color you associate with your beloved; pink or pale blue leather will look nice on a delicate girl.  The word "LOVE" plain in sight will do wonders, your message will come over, no dubiety;

Lovelea's pink and pale blue Love bracelets
Lovelea's pink and pale blue leather
 Love bracelets

or your message can be passed on a lot more subtle with one of this leather bracelets:

Lovelea's black or red bracelets with intermediate heart
Lovelea's black or red leather bracelets
 with intermediate heart.

If your boyfriend likes leather bracelets, I have 2 very sturdy and cool bracelets: cowhide and hand-cut leather hearts! He will love it and be proud to were your gift.

LoveLea's brown or white cowhide men's bracelet with black leather hearts
LoveLea's brown or white cowhide
boyfriend bracelet with black leather hearts

Below is a close-up of the hand cut leather hearts:

Maybe you are more tender-hearted and prefer soft, pliable, supple leather hearts, 5 for an exuberant girlfriend or 3 for a boyfriend?

LoveLea's red leather bracelet with 5 red leather hearts and white cowhide bracelet with 3 black hearts
LoveLea's red leather bracelet with 5 red
 leather hearts and white cowhide bracelet
 with 3 black hearts

have a closer look at the 5 leather hearts from the red leather bracelet.

LoveLea's detail of the 5 hearts
Detail of the 5 leather hearts.

If your boyfriend is a bit boho, ethnic than he will like this bracelet in cognac colored leather with a LOVE sign, a vintage evil eye bead and a distressed coin.

Lovelea's boho/ethnic men's  Love bracelet in cognac leathe
Lovelea's boho/ethnic men's  Love
bracelet in cognac leather

For punk girls I have this bracelet in black leather, a red metal plaque with a silver heart and 3 leather hearts, hand-cut, stacked on top of each other.

LoveLea's black leather bracelet with heart plaque and leather hearts
LoveLea's black leather bracelet
 with heart plaque and leather hearts

and here a close-up of the stacked hearts:

LoveLea's black leather bracelet with detail of stacked leather hearts
Detail of stacked leather hearts

This choice of 8 different bracelets is available at my FB shop: look out for my "Valentine 2019" collection.

LoveLea's leather Valentine bracelets
LoveLea's leather Valentine bracelets

or email me for more info.

Check your relationships

A little more than 4 weeks is left for Valentine's day: gives you plenty of time to give your relationship a good thought. Is the quality of your relationship with your beloved alright or could you do better? What is good and where could you do better?

Personally I made the resolution to invest more time in my relationships and less on my blog and Pinterest account. Finding were you can do better and making a resolution to DO better is an easy step; sticking to it and applying to your life is the hard part! Maybe I should add this item to my "Every Day To-do List".

Never thought I would glamorize Saint Valentine's Day! As always, it depends on how you look at life!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Quotes are not read-only, yet apply-only!

Says the Dalai Lama: Love is the Absence of Judgement! 

This week, my quote is ready. I've found time to turn my insight into a nice quote. The rainbow adds an extra dimension to the quote as the rainbow is a sign from above that someone is caring, loving us, watching over us. The rainbow reminds us in time of sorrow that we are not alone.

LoveLea's quote: love and self-love
My quote about love and self-love.

A good quote should stir something inside you; it should speak to your heart, create an emotion, a thrill. Then you say: so very true, nice, lovely! and there it stops! Only your intellect was touched and your brain tells you: this is nice. We get a glimpse, a flash of a truth and that 's it. 

The goal and the intention of the author of the quote is to pass his/her insight to you, the reader, and to inspire and  push you to apply the message to your life. You can read hundreds, thousands of quotes, books and even if you understand all of them, without applying, you might as well not have read them, it was a waste of your time.

Authors of quotes and self-help books have worked on their subject for years, maybe decades and they feel ready to write their book. And that's the problem: the poor reader, the novice in need of help and advice does not have the luggage, insight and experience of the author and the message is merely words, nice sophisticated ideas. The message hasn't been passed on; they tell you the what, where, why, when, but nothing about how.

The whole cue is about judgement! The Dalay Lama says: Love is having no judgement. If we don't have a judgement, if we don't judge, we have love, we feel love, we can practice love, we are love. What does judgment mean, what is its profound significance? The oxford dictionary says:"The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions" and a second meaning: An opinion or conclusion." 

I have 3 grand children and I love all 3 dearly; one of them is difficult to love, the child was noisy, boisterous, with a huge ego! You see: all judgments. The moment I told myself: this is your grand child, you should see through his performance, don't have opinions, I could love this child easily and I could see his big heart, his facetiousness, kindness.

We have all sorts of opinions about other people. We see a person in a flash and we have made an opinion on this person: he/she is

If we turn back to what the Dalai Lama says: Love is the absence of judgment or Love is not having an opinion! And if you don't have an opinion about a person, then you can love the person, in other words: see the person as he/she is in his/her wholeness, without your life experiences coloring this person. The secret is to accept another person as he/she is. If you do this, than you are able to love a person.

Let's apply what has been said above to ourselves!

Says hilde denys: Self-love is the absence of Self-judgement

I have, you have, we have problems loving ourselves because we know all our flaws and faults, our imperfections our weak sides; you know what really is going on in your head, the bad, negative, harmful thoughts you have, the nasty grim words you don't say... All judgments about yourself. Your are not alone in this, we are all in the same position, we all judge ourselves. If all we have said above is true, then the path to self-love goes over not to judging yourself but accepting yourself the way you are.

Now you won't miraculously become flawless, faultless or perfect. In a way, you are perfect, as perfect as you can be in THIS moment. Being perfect in this moment is not a permission to narcissistic behavior, does not mean that you have to be pleased with yourself and that you can't do better! 

The point is to accept yourself how you are without having an opinion about yourself. You simply observe: I failed in this! and recognize your failing. Don't beat yourself up for it. Don't say: how could I be so stupid, how could I do this, how silly of me; this is judging yourself. In all honesty and sincerity find where and why you made the mistake and plan a way to do differently. Don't accept excuses; this is shoving all responsibility on someone else or on circumstances; we are responsible for our acts and words. In all situations, we have a choice: to do or not to do.

If we give love, we get love back! If we give love to ourselves, we will be able to love ourselves more and if we have more love, we have more love to give hence we'll be able to love others more easily.

Wow, 804 words! all about 1 quote. The publishing of my quote and the new year are good timing! This year I am choosing "balance" again as theme. I can do better. And I intend on incorporating more love into my life; in other words: abandoning all kinds of opinions and ideas about the persons in my life and accepting everybody as they are, myself included!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Admire my vibe board pictures! Synchronicity to spare: dark rooms, fish skins and a quote,

Vibe board pictures.

Two weeks ago, I posted about the photoshoot, using my daughters hands; she has nice groomed hands that  show off the leather jewels I make beautifully. More mood pictures here. Putting everything together resulted in the mood boards below! Well, maybe "vibe" board would be more appropriate.

Choosing which pictures to use and trying out different ways and arrangements was tough. My vibe board should entice females to wear my jewels and either feel like a classic beauty, elegant and chic with my chunky chain/leather jewels (left side of the picture) or daring, provocative and fearless with the slim chain&leather combination (right side of the picture). The middle section contains my logo, the different materials I use and a scenery picture to add a touch of green.

LoveLea's vibe board 1 

LoveLea's vibe board 2
LoveLea's vibe board 2

Vibe board 2 above is circa the same but has as background a color similar to my logo's color.

Lovelea's vibe board 3
LoveLea's mood board 3

And vibe board 3 has the classy style and punk style pell-mell.

Synchronicity abundance

In the past week lots of synchronicities has happened. Could be induced by my higher spiritual involvement in this time of the year; who isn't making 2018's balance and deciding  on what to do and how to be in 2019?

Dark colored rooms

I love Pinterest and I use it daily. Home decor is a favorite subject but lately this topic didn't give me the satisfaction it used to do. You know why? because all the interiors Pinterest showed me were white; I saw one dull, bland page with scattered a bit of beige, soft pink, pale blue or pine wood accents. How boring, tedious, how flat!

Till I discovered by chance pages and pages of strong colored, dark colored rooms! How exciting, how energizing, how adventurous, lively, stimulating!

Last Saturday we celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary in a newly opened restaurant in town and guess what: the old stately home had the most beautiful dark, black, inspiring walls!  A painting exhibition added color to the whole. This was a nice surprise, a bonus, an extra dimension added to our celebration; at least to me! My husband is more matter-of-fact on interiors of restaurants.

The Lounge at Tienen, Belgium
The Lounge at Tienen, Belgium

Fish skins

The Sunday before Xmas, my daughter and family came over. At one moment, out of the blue, to us anyhow, my grand daughter asked: "Does Oma make the leather herself?". We explained that this was a whole process and that I bought scraps of leather. And the next day, idem on Pinterest, I accidentally arrived on a page where a pin catched my eye: This woman is turning fish into shoe leather! How interesting! I found her business on the internet and I might order 1 hide to find out about the texture, the strength, the look, the vibe, in short: can fish leather be turned into jewels.


A couple days ago, it occurred to me that I hadn't been inspired to make a quote in a long time. The next day, I visited my daughters FB-page where and saw her Dalai Lama quote: Love is the absence of judgement! in a flash this came into my mind: if this is true than "self-love is the absence of self-judgement"! Wow, nice find! isn't it and true! by next week I shall find a nice picture and make a helpful quote.

Lots of nice little things happened this past week, 2 events involving my daughter, I observed! In the coming week I want to finish my looking back at 2018 and distill my path for 2019.
I hope you have a nice start to 2019! and have decided where you want to be at the end of this year. Write it down on a slip of paper or make it a little work of art and put it any place where you can be reminded of the path you decide to follow.

See you next week!

The event of the year (in my town), Pro's of having a dog, How I excorcise inspiration; My revamped quote!

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The event of the year (in my town), Pro's of having a dog, How I excorcise inspiration; My revamped