Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cool bracelet for feminine dress, Repurposing and Lessons in balance with Etem Dede.

Cool bracelet for feminine dress

2 weeks ago my daughter and I went shopping; we mostly window shopped and on our way back to the car we passed a window displaying wine and 2 flowered dresses. We could see racks of clothes further back in the store. Inside we saw the same dress on racks in different places and in different colors. While my daughter tried out the different colors, I went searching and supplied her  with more choices; when she gave up, I found a dress with the flowers on a black background and that was a hit. She emailed me her outfit a couple days ago; the contrast of her feminine dress and a  black leather biker jacket urged me to design a matching bracelet. And I came up with this bracelet:

LoveLea's cool custom made bracelet in black leather
LoveLea's cool custom made bracelet in black leather

It is a simple yet stark design, totally right for the outfit:

My daughters new outfit; courtesy of Lis Ozonder.


I love to repurpose; my mother in law had 2 shawls, one in grey-blue the other in a mud brown. Obviously she loved the grey-blue one the better because the middle was really really worn down.  I haven't been sewing in a long time and I felt the time right to do something with the good parts that were left. And these good parts had fringes!!! Since the materiel was wool and  fragile and soft, I decided to line it with a contrasting cotton flowery fabric. The handles are made out of leather kept in place with rivets! The leather gives the bag instantly a boost and you don't have to cut out long strips of fabric, sew them and turn them inside out and it is a lot more sturdy.  Until now, I haven't found a purpose for the bag, it decorates a chair but you could keep your needlework, embroidery or a crochet project in it, any small project. I might put it up for sale.

Lovelea's repurposed shawl bag.
LoveLea's repurposed shawl bag!

My savior in times of trouble.

Do you remember my new years resolution was to bring balance in my life and that my first lesson was to get rid of my beloved furniture? My sister Mieke reading about my misfortunes and disappointments, phoned me to ask how I was cooping, isn't she a doll!

Recently I had a lot of occasions to bring my life back in balance. In the last 2 weeks, I lost my keys at least 4 times! My head is so full of stuff I have to do, things to remember that I am living on automatic pilot and when my keys are not in my coat pocket or on the door, I have a black hole and can't remember what I did with them. Even when I find them, I can't remember how my keys ended up in that place!! I just feel terrible, want to puke, crawl in bed and stay there for days! I really have to slow down and get things out of my head and BE IN THE PRESENT.

Do you know Etem Dede? It is a Turkish "being" that helps you find your lost object and he/she/it really helps: you say: Etem Dede (2x) gömlegin ketenden Dede, bu ...... bulayim, sana 10 göbek atam Dede. Which means: Etem grandpa (2x) with your flaxen shirt, if I find my (your lost object, f.i keys), I will shake my belly 10 (or more) times. If you're in a hurry and say that you need it immediately, you'll find it in minutes! Of course I then promise to dance 20 times instead of 10. Asking for help makes me double aware that I have to do something to get my life on track and keep my head clear and functional.

How about you? Do you like to repurpose something? What kind of things do you repurpose? How about mislaying your keys? What do you do so they don't get lost anymore? You can leave your message ; just click on "Post a comment".

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