Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to stay warm elegantly and how not to sabotage yourself.

Warm and elegant!

In winter we try to stay warm with layers and layers of thick wool and we end up looking like a Michelin Man! Is there another way? Yes, there is and it is a large leather cuff that keeps your wrist warm. If your wrist is warm, your arm is warm and if.... It is incredible how much help this cuff is; this is not magic but logic: the cuff is close enough to your skin to maintain your body warmth  and not to close it makes you sweat. I made this one for me, in fact it is my prototype and I am so glad I found out how useful this cuff is, I recommend it to everybody. Not only useful but cool and versatile. I made tiny incisions in a geometric pattern I contrived hoping the pattern will show while wearing, but until now only a couple of incisions have become more visible. Maybe it is just as good, it will keep me warmer.

LoveLea's cuff in red leather.
My personal leather cuff, made by LoveLea. 

And this cuff is a in a lovely moss green leather in a spiced up Western style with fringes and studs, not handy while working but cool for shopping, city hopping, elegant when salsa dancing and whenever you are outside (available here).

Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringes.
Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringe

The picture above is my presentation picture and below you can have a full look.

Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringe, closeup.
Lovelea's moss green leather cuff with fringes, closeup. 

And I have a gorgeous white one; when I was a child, you could only ware dark colors in winter and white or other light colors were reserved for the summer. Nowadays you can wear any color at any time, so why not wearing this glamorous white one now ( available here ) and later in the year to a beach party?

LoveLea's white leather cuff.
LoveLea's white leather cuff.

Don't sabotage yourself

I spent the weekend at my daughters place. She has applied secretly for a job and she got the job. We are leaving for our summer house in less then 2 weeks and she wanted us to come over to her place before we leave. Once working, there won't be much time left for being together, drive around, visit antique and brocante shops, spoiling the grand children.

But why did she keep her applying secret? It is the thing to do, a must; if you have a goal and are working to get there, you mustn't  tell anybody about it not even a friend you trust, not even your Mum! (Not that I wish her ill or bad luck, I might have opinions that differ from hers and the outcome could be different.) There are forces working behind you, in spite of you and someone might be jealous, are is a phony friend, your friend might have an opinion that differs from yours, a different view on the situation and all this together might be stronger than your spirit and then you don't attain your goal! When not telling anyone, there is no interfering. When she told me she got a job, I was flabbergasted, but very very pleased. So please, keep everything to your self how difficult this might be until you attain your goal.

Defy the cold weather with this cuffs from my cuff collection.

Do you have any story or experience with this type of sabotage, tell us below in the comments box.

Next week I will be on the road 💨💨💨 ! hopefully with lots of nice pictures and thrilling stories to tell. See you!

P.S.: my muhammara recipe offer is still open. Muhammara is based on healthy ingredients like tomato paste, garlic and walnuts and is delicious as a meze, a dip or a little snack. If you're interested in getting the recipe, click here.

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