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What have leather, skin care, dental abscess and inflammation in common?

What could this be?

What possibly could this very disparate items have in common? This post will tell you all about it: it is coconut oil, a real miracle medium. As you can deduct from the title, I use it for a lot of things. But first things first:


This week, only one product has seen the daylight: a man bracelet. I haven't that many items for men, so I concentrated on a man's bracelet. The bracelet will look good curved around a strong male wrist.

Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button.
Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button.

 I only used leather and glue, no metal snap buttons however a button is needed, I made a leather one, out of 3 layers of leather and a leather loop as buttonhole and white cowhide to make the bracelet tougher. View it at my fb shop

Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button., button detail.
Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button., detail.

Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button, loop detail.
Lovelea's men bracelet with leather button, loop detail.

 What has leather to do with coconut? 

I use it to soften leather.  I have had it about this subject but if you don't remember or haven't read yet, never mind, here is the meant post, paragraph. Always try the coconut first at a not visible space; watch if it absorbs well without leaving a greasy spot.

Want nice tight facial skin?

When I was a teen, I bought a sun oil that contained coconut oil. It stated that the native people used it for skin care. I don't remember who the natives were, this was many many years ago. I reasoned that since advertising is strictly regulated, the info must be true. I bought a big jar and smeared it every night and every morning on my face. It makes your skin tight and radiant, it really does, try and see for yourself! The product was excellent but the jar was very down to earth and the eye wants something too. I visited antique shops until I found this purple bottle that I filled with rose water (rosewater is excellent to clean your face from pollution, not to remove make up and it is excellent to wash your eyes when they hurt from tobacco smoke) and the green ceramic recipient was perfect for my coconut oil. The transparent bottle I bought for the love of the stopper. The green jar made me feel more glamorous and it was more pleasant to use, less a duty! Yes, package is important! I have been using the jar and the oil for decades. My skin looks healthy and well fed, anyway that's what my daughter always tells me and of course, I believe her.

My skin care personalia.
My skin care personalia.

How I saved my tooth!

Besides caring for your skin, it cares for your health. A couple years ago I had a dental abscess. My dentist said: I'll give you antibiotics and then we'll pull that tooth out. I said: no way, I want to keep this tooth. A year later, my tooth again had an abscess; I went to another dentist and told her about my problem; she said: if you can save your tooth by taking antibiotics once a year, lets not pull this tooth. I was quite happy with  this solution; a book about coconut oil stated that the oil is good for dental health. Since then, every morning I hold one spoonful of coconut oil in my mouth next to the problem tooth and let it melt; I haven't used any antibiotics since then! In fact, I almost never take antibiotics.

Caring for wounds

And a third use for coconut oil is for dressing wounds: when we were moving, I bumped my leg heavily on a corner; it bled a bit and then stopped; I was wearing stockings and getting them out to have a look was too much of a bother and I left it as it was. In the evening I had a look, washed the dried blood away, put some coconut oil on a gauge bandage and then forgot about it for 2 days. When I took away the bandage, my skin around the wound was red, very red and very hot and had pus. It looked pretty bad, the look of it scared me, I had a serious inflammation on my hands. My husband said: you should take antibiotics; but then I have to go to the doctor, get a prescription, go to the pharmacy,... way too much of a bother.  I cleaned the wound, applied the coconut oil diligently 3 times a day and in about 5 days, the inflammation went away and the wound healed perfectly.

When travelling, I always have a good closing mini jar with me. Coconut oil is solid till 22 à 24° C so be sure your jar closes hermetically! You arrive in your hotel room, exhausted and want to brush your teeth before sleeping and your toiletry bag is inundated by coconut oil? You don't want that, so choose a good closing jar.

Start right away,

the sooner you get a jar of (organic and with smell) coconut oil, the better. Massage it gently in your face after cleaning with rose water and in the morning; hold a spoonful of coconut in your mouth until it melts and do this for a week and from time to time preventive and if you or anyone got injured, use coconut oil to clean and care for the wound.

What I am telling you here, is not from some web page, it is my own experience. I am sure there are lots of other uses; coconut oil is an all round, versatile remedy. This is what I use coconut oil for. Do you have other uses? Please, leave a comment, I would love to learn more.

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