Thursday, August 24, 2017

Inspiration and My new style leather bracelet

Inspiration and a new leather bracelet with geometric adornment

You might wonder where you can get inspiration to create something. Ever change you make or have is an opportunity to discover something new. Last week I got myself some new tools, mainly punch tools. I wanted them to make nice and clean incisions wherever I needed an incision; until now I used my Stanley knife but for small incisions it didn't work well, either they turned out crooked or too long or ragged. With my new tools I only have to place the punch precisely, a few  hammer strokes and I have a nice clean cut. I took a little scrap of leather and tried them out: wow, nice clean cuts. My mind told me I could use this tools to create something filigree but in leather! Next I was thinking about a pattern: it could only have straight lines seen my tools! On a piece of checked paper I tried some combinations and decided on a combination of X"s and straight horizontal and vertical lines. I applied it to my bracelet, added the clams and here is the result:

leather cuff with geometric motif

leather cuff: geometric details

When using this bracelet, the pattern will show itself more clearly.

This item and  all of the shown leather accessories are for sale at my FB page: LoveLea.

Taking care of leather  or What I am using coconut oil for.

I have a nice pair of Miu Miu shoes but  didn't take good care of them. The result is that the leather has become so hard I'm not able to wear them anymore. They hurt my feet, it's like wearing wooden clogs, not the Scandinavian kind but the one's people who couldn't afford leather shoes wore in The Netherlands or Belgium, 1 piece of wood. I had a quick look at Internet but all suggestions were for stuff I didn't have at home: glycerine, saddle oil, neatsfoot oil. But I do have coconut oil! I poured some in a small bowl and with a cotton rag started rubbing the oil in. I was scared the oil wood make greasy spots, but it didn't; I guess the leather is too dry. (It reminds me of my childhood: we were a family of 7 children and each one  had alternately the task of shining the shoes every night for 1 week, makes 9 pair of shoes every day.) At this moment my shoes have had 2 turns of oil and it looks like the leather is softening: yes I rescued 1 pair of shoes.

When I was last at my daughters, Vicky burned her arm. She wanted to know what her mama had prepared for dinner  and took the lid of the pan and burned her arm. She screamed, ran upstairs, jumped into her bed and continued screaming in her bed. Steam can be very hot and burn severely. We applied some extra virgin coconut oil to the area, a hour later some more and 2 hours later, not a trace of the burn left any more, Vicky just radiant again, isn't that wonderful?

I use coconut oil also for small cuts,  little wounds, sun burn, for chapped lips. When my hair is too dry and all frizzy, I put a bit in the palm of my hands and rub them gently all over my hair; it doesn't give greasy look but it makes your hair nice and shiny.

The most gorgeous sunsets every night.

Where I live, almost on the beach, there is every single night a different sunset, I am truly blessed. I want to share a sunset with you so you too can that nice feeling of peace that every thing nice gives you. Later on I'll post some sunset pictures of my husband, he has some fabulous one's. Now, let peace descend right into your soul!

Sunset above Lesbos.

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