Thursday, August 31, 2017


Getaway to Lesbos 

we decided on the last minute to make an escape to the Island of Lesbos. We, my husband and I, love Lesbos. It is so nice, green, lush, has marvelous views, rich monasteries, old chapels/churches, good food, the local resto's are just super: fresh fish, salted fish, sea food, lots of vegetables; the people are in good mood and love to talk to strangers. You speak your own language, they speak Greek and still you understand each other.

Kerami and its ancient church

Kerami is a small hamlet near Kalloni but it has the most beautiful chapel I've ever seen. When we saw the outside of the chapel, we stopped the car immediately. That this was an ancient church was evident, we just had to visit it.

St john the Baptist church in Kerami, Lesbos

The back of the church looked even more ancient. A couple minutes later, a lady came by and we started talking, a little bit of English, French, a lot of Greek. We learned that the church was dedicated to St John the Baptist and was maybe 500 years old; then she said: please wait and went off and came back with another lady with a big key in her hand.

Back of st. John the Baptist Church, Kerami, Lesbos
 When we entered the church, our mouth fell open: wow, this was not ordinary or kitsch like most of the newer churches; this was just ART, MOOD, FEELINGS, LOVE FOR GOD.

Inside of St John the Baptist Church, Kerami, Lesbos
                                                                                                                                                              The walls are covered with fresco's who were once very lively, but now faded; the fresco's depict   saints and apostles, also some scenery. 
Fresco's at St John the Baptist  church at Kerami, Lesbos
In this picture, you can see "the Last Supper" if you look real well. The church is used only once a year in the first days of August, the inhabitants celebrate something, but I didn't grasp what they celebrate, unfortunate.


Volcanic landscapes                                                                                                                   

On the 3rd day, we went southwards, to a sometimes very barren part of Lesbos. The mountains are dry, caused probably  by strong winds, but the valleys are green. There is something puzzling about the mountain flanks: they are divided by low walls, like the dry stone walls in Ireland.

Low walls on the road Agra-Mesotopos

But the fields they enclose are mostly barren, lots of rocks, stones, some thistles, low shrubs. So they look from the distance. Could there be anything to eat for sheep or goats in these fields, enclosures? That's the only thing we could think of; we even saw a field with an elaborate gate; it really looked mysterious, it sets your imagination in motion!

Barren field with elaborate gate
We left that strange and depressing landscape upon arriving at Eressos.

Sapho's hometown!

Eressos, they say, is the hometown of the Greek poet Sapho. Nothing is left that reminds of her but the square with cafes and restaurants is the epitaph of poetic! Eressos has its own harbor, Skala Eressos, but it was very crowded and we couldn't find a parking space. Is is situated on the Aegean Sea, not on an inner sea

Eresos, Lesbos, poetic town square

New choker/necklace with Ibiza colors

Just before living, I made myself a new necklace: since we were going to travel, I choose a favorite Ibiza color: turquoise. You can wear it wrapped twice around your neck

Leather choker with Ibiza colors

or try the European loop; I prefer it this way

Leather choker with Ibiza colors

or I can use it as a belt,  a multi-functional leather accessory. And here you have a close look at the glass beads.

Beads detail of leather choker

I can make a similar item for you; just contact me; there's another choker at my fb page LoveLea; the link to this pages and the contact form are on the left.

To be continued....


  1. Hilde, Kun je die armbandjes me slangenkop en koe op je facebook plaatsen + een link naar je blog? Dan kan ik een partage doen op verschillende pagina's! groeten en doe zo voort! liefs gudrun en co


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