Thursday, February 15, 2018

Muhammara and designing for musicians. Talking to Victoria

Designing for musicians.

After days and days of bad weather, we had 2 sunny days in a row. I feel like summer is coming and, since I haven't designed for a week,  I started with a very simple choker and bracelets but in a stunning fluo color. Definitely, wearing this bracelet or choker on a rainy day will cheer you up!

LoveLea's fluo choker and bracelets.
LoveLea's fluo choker and bracelets.

Isn't this a vibrant, shiny and saturated color? The wide bracelet has some imperfections but makes it cooler.

A while ago, I asked my husband and my son if they would were my creations when performing, since both are musicians. They both said they didn't wear bracelets. I asked if some of the other musicians would wear them and they answered that wearing a bracelet isn't handy, even annoying and they are right. I studied the violin  a couple of years and I remembered that I didn't want anything around my wrist when playing. Then it occurred to me I should design a bracelet for musicians! The main problem with a bracelet when playing is that it moves around your wrist. I designed a bracelet that looks like a regular bracelet but has a "hidden" elastic. Luckily my husband accepted to pose with the bracelet on the condition that I didn't show his face.

LoveLea's musician bracelet.
LoveLea's musician bracelet.

Underneath the paler brown leather, you can see the black elastic, but it is invisible when wearing.

LoveLea's musician bracelet.
LoveLea's musician bracelet.

Muhammara is the new humus!

 I read this a while ago and that in NYC it is all about muhammara.

LoveLea's muhammara
Lovelea's muhammara.

Almost every culture in the Near East and Middle East claims muhammara to be part of their culture; truth is that in this area of the world different cultures, different religion have lived hundreds of years side by side, have intermingled, have cross married, have exchanged food and recipes and it is difficult to say what recipe belongs to what people or culture.

 As a former restaurant owner I know what I'm talking about. We served muhammara as an appetizer and everybody who eats spicy, liked it, wanted it, craved it. One customers eyes just lighted up when ordering muhammara. And we did eat the food we prepared in our restaurant and always used good ingredients, good quality. Muhammara is made of healthy ingredients like tomato paste, walnuts, garlic, etc. and you consume it as a meze, a dip or a snack; make it as hot as you like. Delicious! If you're interested in getting the recipe, click here. I won't claim that our recipe is thé recipe, the only and only recipe, but it is a honest recipe with healthy ingredients and should taste much much better than a store-bought version.

Victoria and me.

Last weekend, my son and daughter with partners and children came to our house to celebrate the New Year and the birthday of my husband. It feels so good to be united, to be a family and as a mother to have them around me and to be able to care for them. Two of the 3 grand children stayed for 2 nights. I had a nice chat with my 8 year old granddaughter Vicky: just the 2 of us were at the breakfast table and we were looking outside at the clouds and then with a small voice she confided that she liked to look at the clouds to discover animals in them and she pointed to the sky and said: look, there is a kitten lying on her back with her paws in the air. She went on: wouldn't it be nice to SIT on a cloud? I always want to touch a cloud!  Mostly she is quiet and seems to observe, but now I know she has a rich imagination and that a lot of things are happening inside that little head of hers. She is so fragile, your instinctive protection feelings are always at the surface.

Did you click to get you muhammara recipe? easy to make and no extraordinary ingredients, no electrical appliances needed.

See you next week!

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