Monday, October 9, 2017

My leather creations in warm colors, inspired by fall

Fall is here

I like fall, but I also dread it because when fall is over, winter is coming. But it IS a very romantic season, full of muted colors, warm days and cold nights.

Ducks in fall

We live in a house that is badly isolated, I should say: not isolated at all; it sounds bad on paper but is is even worse in real life: what the temperature is outside is what you get inside. During the day it is a nice, warm 25°, but inside we only get a 18 à 20° because the pergola prevents the sun from getting inside. The temperature rises a bit if I open the windows; upstairs it is nice and sunny and warm and with the curtains a little bit closed, oh so very inviting for a nap.

In winter we live in another house that has central heating, nice and warm. The heater starts 30 min before we get up and when we go downstairs, it is nice and cosy and the outside doesn't touch me.  My point of telling all this is that not having central heating makes me more aware of what is going on in nature. I live and feel the seasons and I understand how live was let's say a 100 years ago for the poor. They didn't have a nice warm house! probably no wood for the stove

But fall is nice for taking pictures; nature is dressed up in beautiful, warm colors in millions of shades and it inspires me to use warm colors for my leather jewels, the dry leaves make a wonderful background for pictures of my leather products.

I had made a rather large cuff in June and embellished it with some lace. People liked it, but the weather was too hot to wear such a large cuff, they said. Now the weather  has turned a good 10 degrees lower, I made a second one. I like to try out my creations so I made this one for myself. This is just the right season to have something large next to my skin, it warms me like the warm hand of a friend.

Red leather cuff made by LoveLea

It keeps me nice and warm but it looks somewhat too plain so I fumbled for checked paper and a ruler, made a nice geometric pattern and with my tools cut the motif out; it doesn't look cut out yet because I made very fine incisions, at the moment almost invisible. With time and wear the incisions will get wider and the pattern will become more and more visible.

Detail of red leather cuff

Leather tassel earrings as birthday present

This month, on the fifth, is my youngest grand child's birthday. Vicky is 8 now.

Vicky with the family dog Filou

I made her a nice pair of earrings: tiny leather tassels in the new nude color for her little ear lobes. I hope she will like them, I hope she'll wear them. Since we can't be present, I put them on the mail together with a birth day card.

LoveLea's Leather tassel earrings 

And I choose a plush dog that can be warmed in the micro wave and then gives off a smell of lavender; if she isn't feeling well, her mama can warm it so the warmth and the smell will help her go to sleep. She loves her new little friend.

New non-leather project.

 Do you see this bag? Very unsightly but very sturdy; could be a good shopping bag! If I alter this bag, I could use it instead of storing it in a closet. Just wait for my next post and see!

How about you? Do you like to give things a new look? a new destination? Do you like crafting? working wih your hands? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Haha, Hilde, mooi zoals je de mensen uitdaagt om iets terug te schrijven! Ik ben nog steeds enthousiast over alles wat je te vertellen hebt. Dus doe maar door!
    Bij nader inzien is de grootste kabelhouder prima (en dus niet te groot)! Voorheen gebruikte ik een onnozel plastieken zakje en nu heb ik een mooie lederen houder, en dan nog wel gemaakt door mijn zus!
    Vandaag heb ik mijn jas afgewerkt. Ik ben enthousiast over het resultaat. Ik post wel eens een foto van mezelf met de jas aan, zodat je het kan zien.
    Tot later!

  2. Hey Flavie, oh je heeft me moed om door te gaan. ik zal onderzoeken hoe ik meer lezers kan krijgen.
    Ik ben blij dat de grote kabelhouder toch past! weet nu ook dat mijn redenering klopt. en ik ben heel nieuwsgierig naar je jas; een jas is echt een groot project! je zal weten wat doen als je met pensioen bent, kun je volop je handen gebruiken!


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