Thursday, November 23, 2017

Last post before hitting the road

Small clutch and boho/Ibiza bracelet.

Last week I didn't get my design for a small envelop/clutch style wallet ready. I didn't want to make it out of one piece, because then I need a big piece of leather and I have much waste. So I figured something out in 3 pieces, measured  and fixed it all out and made it out of  paper: the corners overlapped each other too much to my taste/opinion  and I made a new paper template with the corners 1 cm shorter and that looked good to me. I traced the pattern over on the leather, cut the pieces out and started assembling it: hadn't I shortened the corners! When designing, I hadn't taken the thickness of the leather into account and now I had to pull and tug and wrick the flaps into place. To close the envelop I had a stud in mind, I fixed the stud but the closing flap was also too short; I didn't want to make the incisions to pass the stud through out of fear the flap wouldn't close properly, so I decided on a nice red elastic to be hooked around the stud. Of course this is only a prototype, but despite the minor problems it looks good and attractive. With some minor adjustments, I'll have a good pattern and my own!

LoveLea's small leather clutch in firm black leather.

LoveLea's black leather clutch.

Here comes the bracelet in dark brown leather I was talking about in my last post: (

LoveLea's bracelet in dark brown leather with shells boho style.

The shells I used are vintage, I have them for at least 40 years. Wear this bracelet in summertime, when you are longing for the summer, at a beach party. It will make you feel happy and sunny.

Detail with vintage shells.


In a week we will be leaving our summerhouse and going north. When we went to the market to make our last shopping, I took my camera with me to shoot some pictures. It was difficult to choose a picture thus I made 2 collages and you have an idea what the colorful market is about.

Socks and vegetables at the local market.


Thursday we were having lunch outside; my husband was facing the sea and suddenly he says: I saw a big splash of water; my thought went immediately to whales but that is not possible, so it could only be dolphins. There were lots of fishing boats before the house and near the coastline so there must be lots of fish and the presence of dolphins confirms this. We hoped the dolphins would get closer to the shore, but alas! that didn't happen. When I went swimming the day after the dolphins for  the last time, I secretly hoped the dolphins would come again, but no again. The water was really cold, 17° C  and when I was lowering myself slowly into the water,  I felt my body's heat rising, I felt my inside as a stove that was stoked up, an amazing feeling! I swam for about 15 min and got out and took a hot shower and felt invigorated. But  warm weather, it was 22° C Thursday, in a cold season causes fog and Sunday was a foggy day. Fortunately bad weather makes great pictures and I captured this fishing boat:


since a couple of days, a stray cat visits our garden. He is yellow and shy. Tuesday he was wading through a layer of dry leaves, about 5 cm high, really slowly, 1 path at the time, his tail waggling and moving up and down and right and left, no sound coming from the dry leaves. I was in awe for this skill but the waving of his tail puzzled me. I stood still, watching him and wondering what he was up to: had he spied an insect? a wounded bird ? then all of a sudden a big scream, my hart almost jumped out of my chest,  and another cat leaped out from under the leaves, a gray one with his fur all mixed up and ugly, unclean. and unkempt. Off they went chasing each other. The clever cat had hid in a depression of the earth full of leaves and was invisible.

We will be leaving this Sunday, traveling north-west; I wont have much time to write and there certainly won't be time for designing or making jewels. Maybe I'll post some comments, journal  like.
See you!

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