Thursday, November 16, 2017

Small leather goods, Ibiza style jewels and goat cheese in a jar.

Small leather goods

Last week I started making some business card wallets and planned on making some small envelop like clutches. The envelop designs are taking more time than I anticipated: I want my own envelop, style and dimensions. Meanwhile I continued making wallets and the first one I made this week is pretty feminine with its small tassel and subdued color. Goes right into your hip bag.

LoveLea's business card wallet in pale leather.

LoveLea's business card wallet in pale leather with tassel.

Between the scraps I had put aside aside for my wallets, one was of a dark brown leather, finely grained 2 mm thick. Because it was a long scrap, I was able to get a choker, 2 wallets and 2 bracelets out of it. Because of the dark color, the wallets could be used by men. The bracelets aren't made yet, concept though is in my head.

LoveLea's business card wallet and gothic choker in dark brown leather.

LoveLea's dark brown leather choker; picture courtesy of Suat Ozonder.

Lovelea's business card wallet in dark brown leather.

Ibiza style jewels

The colder weather made me long for warmer temperature and it inspired me to make some Boho/Ibiza style necklaces and bracelets. The necklace in the picture below is made out of a pale brown leather with a tassel of the same leather and turquoise and orange wooden beads.

Boho pale brown leather necklace with tassel and wooden beads

 Boho style cries for bracelets and lots of them. I made a 2 string leather bracelet with wooden beads, and a 3 string one. The lace is home made and of real leather. The 2 string bracelet has a little tassel.

LoveLea's 2-string leather bracelet with wooden beads. Picture courtesy of S. Ozonder.

LoveLea's 3-string leather bracelet with wooden beads. Picture courtesy of S. Ozonder

Goat cheese in a jar.

For a lot of products, the season is almost over. The same is valid for cheese and especially goat cheese. The fields and mountain slopes are invaded by sheep and goats with  their lovely, sweet, funny, shy little lambs and kids. The milk isn't used for cheese but goes to their babies. So no more fresh cheese for a while. Last week I bought my suppliers last chunks of goat cheese . This should get us through the winter and spring till new cheese is available. I don't have a very big fridge and goat cheese doesn't freeze well so I cured them in oil, olive oil.

Goat cheese in a jar.

I didn't have a fancy jar on hand but I assure you, it's the content that counts. Off course I could just fill the jar with cheese and pour the oil over it, but that is not much fun; it would taste all right but I prefer an enriched cheese. What I like is cheese cured with herbs and condiments. I start out putting some black peppercorns and 1 sage leaf  and a  tea spoon of nigella seeds at the bottom; then I cut the cheese in pieces that fit into the jar; between layers I only add 2 or 3 black peppercorns and some nigella seeds. I don't overdue, I still want to taste the cheese. When the jar is almost full I pour the olive oil over it and control carefully if the oil went everywhere in the jar, no air pockets should be left. Then I cover the last piece of cheese with a sage leaf, 3 or 4 peppercorns and nigella seeds, insert some thyme sprigs  into the side and pour more oil over it so everything is covered well. A week later, you can start eating your cheese. Savor your cheese with some dry white wine or with a sweet white wine, like a Sauternes, it is heaven on earth. A bit fruity red wine is o.k. also. And you can have it at breakfast to start your day in a good mood, but take your time to savor it.

Goat cheese in a jar with sage leaf, black peppercorns and nigella seeds.

My leather supplier had 2 long strips of black, shiny leather. I took them home, just the right thing  for fancy chokers or necklaces. Wait and see. And by next week the dark brown bracelets and my own envelop should be ready. Wait and see, 😊😃

Do you have a favorite recipe for cheese? What do you do when you have a big supply of cheese? Let me know, please. It would be cool to have some interaction.


  1. Ja, ik lees altijd met veel interesse jouw schrijfsels. Dat halssnoer en die armbandjes van leren touwtje met pareltjes vind ik wel mooi. Je moet eens je prijs zeggen, dat zou ik wel willen kopen! het ziet er mooi uit!
    Het is raar maar ik kan nooit het commentaar van andere mensen lezen. Is dat normaal? Bij andere blogs kan je dat allemaal lezen. Of is het omdat ik de eerste ben die commentaar geef?
    Tot later!

  2. hey lieve, ben blij dat je mijn maaksels mooi vindt; het halssnoer en de armband met 2 snoeren zijn elk 10€ en de armband 3 snoeren is 13€, zussenprijs. je vergeet je ander armband niet he, die met de slangenkoppen in geel leer.
    je bent de eerste en enigste die commentaar geeft; in belgie zal ik serieus werk maken om wat meer lezers te krijgen. tot later.


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