Thursday, December 28, 2017

How I figure out the price of my creations.

More key rings for my collection.

In between building libraries and wardrobes I have found little time to design and create. I enlarged my key chains collection with 2 different kinds of key rings;

LoveLea's new leather/cowhide key rings
LoveLea's new leather/cowhide key rings.

 one is made of only cow hide:

LoveLea's cowhide key ring
LoveLea's cowhide key ring

and the other ones are a shield embellished with a piece of cowhide to keep your hands warm in the cold weather.

LoveLea's shield cowhide key ring
LoveLea's key rings: a leather shield with cowhide.

I am not only busy moving, designing, creating, I'm also working on SEO, growing my mail list, attracting people to my shop etc. I subscribed to many many bloggers, all promising strategies, systems that will fling my business to the stars in a couple of weeks, 2 or 3 months. I am a zero in computer language, don't know how to implement codes into html text...... But since a couple of weeks I decided to only subscribe to the webinars, online courses of Melyssa Griffin and I'll explain why.

Why I charge a modest price.

When I was a kid and as a teenager also, money was a taboo, a big taboo. I had no idea how much my father earned and I never have had! And if you  did mention the m word, they, the grown ups made you feel that money was dirty. So you didn't talk about it, you resigned.

But since a couple of years, in fact since all this young girls are earning money with heaps and spades and shovels, money has become something you can brag about: 6 figures a year!!!! They tell you without any scruples or refrain that they have an annual income of 6, 7 figures. Money talk has become very common, it is no longer a taboo! Even better: it is not a shame that you long to have such an income. And I fell in the trap until a week ago!

Melissa Griffin opened my eyes, made me see everything in proportion again. She prepared  video series Goals with intention 2018"  and helps you define your goals for 2018. If you have only income goals, you will never feel satisfied but if you have a chore goal (has to do with the purpose of your life), you add a spiritual dimension to your business.  The second video is about your purpose on this planet; one of the question you should think about is: what sorts of people do you love helping? When I heard this question, I was ashamed: I had only focused on earning money and forgot about the consequences: if you earn good money, you have a responsibility towards others who are less fortunate then you are. Then and there I decided that I never will charge too big a price  for the things I create. I have plenty of time because I am retired; if I charge for the basics and a little bit of my time, not the time I actually spent, I should have a fair price AND give people a chance to buy something with a reasonable price.

 Melissa Griffin is very accomplished, structured, does clear teaching but her best quality (to me) is her generosity. She doesn't give you some hints and then wham: 500  dollars, no she gives a lot of information for free!

Maybe next week I'll post from the new house; the whole attic will be a workshop, half for my husband who is a musician and the other half for my crafts. My son who is an accomplished and talented interior designer is thinking about the layout and the facilities. I'll keep you updated.

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