Friday, December 22, 2017

LoveLea and the Thyroide.

Looking at my first jewelry is like meeting an old friend.

It is so much fun to look at the jewelry I created end of 2016, beginning 2017. I have learned so much in the mean time. What I noticed is that the less possibilities you have, the more inventive and creative you are; you have to be. At that time, I didn't have any clamps so I had to invent something to close a bracelet or choker. Here come some examples. This is how a green choker with pyramidal studs closes: a stud as button and a loop as buttonhole. Do you see the lonely stud on the right? That is the button. The loop is more visible in the second picture.

Green Gothic choker with studs
LoveLea's Green Gothic choker with stud

Green Gothic choker with stud, detail
LoveLea's green Gothic choker with stud, detail.

I made a matching bracelet with fringes, closing with snap buttons; somewhat eclectic, isn't it? The color is a sweet dark mos green. More pictures at my FB shop.

Green Gothic bracelet with studs and fringes
Lovelea's Green Gothic bracelet with studs and fringes

And this is one of my favorite chokers: a black choker with an ugly looking metal skull:

Black choker with big skull
LoveLea's black choker with BIG skull.

It does look a bit scary! 2 More pictures at my FB shop.

LoveLea's Cool collection for Men.

I had some scraps of wrinkled leather that I kept in front of my eyes, because I didn't know what to do with them. Then it downed that the pieces were perfect for men bracelets. It is in a sweet, pale almost cognac brown, but the texture: I love it, very cool.

Wrinkled leather for men's bracele
LoveLea's wrinkled leather bracelet for men.

 And I have another one in darker leather and in an organic shape; what I mean by organic is that I didn't trim it, I just cut the long ends.

Wrinkled leather for a men's bracelet
LoveLea's wrinkled leather bracelet for men.
More pictures at my Face Book shop.

My thyroid is my friend

I started my LoveLea fb page around April of this year. I had designed and created a 25 pieces of jewelry, my sister in law Gudrun took great pictures at the familie gathering, I had FB friends and my husband, who has lots of FB friends helped me launch my page. The start was not bad, but the attention didn't continue. I said to myself: Hilde, you have to focus. So I focused and focused and didn't see or do or think anything but LoveLea. Focusing didn't help and I started a blog at the end of July and I continued  focusing on my FB page and my blog and my focusing wasn't focusing anymore, it turned into an obsession! When checking out the necklaces and chokers I made, I saw a lump at the base of my throat. I just noticed it, didn't pay it  any attention; anyway I didn't see anything but my business. The lump became that big, it even closed off my windpipe! This really worried me and I went to see a doctor. She advised another doctor who took a blood sample: everything o.k. But I HAD a big visible lump. The doctor advised me to get an ultrasonography to see if the lump was good or not. Secretly I hoped I had a benign lump, so that my weight gain was explained.

My daughter has a similar problem but she has it under control. I mailed her and asked what she did, what the doctor advised her, what the book (about psychological origins of diseases, sickness...) said.  She mailed me back and wrote: mammy just forget about doctors, books and advise; go to a quiet place, turn inside and listen what this lump wants to tell you!!! Yes, my daughter gave me this advice, see how wise she is! My little girl (she is 40) gives me wise advice. My little girl is a wise woman! I am so proud of her.

lis in Portugal
My daughter in Portugal.

I did as I was told, went to a quiet place and opened my hart: this thyroid that wasn't a thyroid because my blood sample said so, is cutting off your wind pipe; it attracts your attention at your windpipe; isn't the windpipe the symbol of life? And what do I do?: I cut off life with my obsession. I then decided to slow down, to work only for an hour in a row and only a couple hours a day. When I overdid, my thyroid was there to pinch my throat! So bit by bit, step by step I learn to slow down; my thyroid has diminished and is almost invisible now! But it still pinches my throat when I work too much. My thyroid is my friend.


I wish all people who celebrate Christmas a happy, peaceful, cozy, convivial and intimate celebration!

You don't have all your presents and gifts yet? I promote key chains, business card wallets and earrings till the end of this year in my Face Book shop. Sure there is something for you to organize your bag! maybe you prefer earrings or this earrings; the keychains are special!

See you next week with more stories, maybe recipes and anyhow with pictures of my creations.

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