Saturday, December 9, 2017

Reunited with my LoveLea leather jewels!

Did I make a "Gothic" leather choker?

How is it possible that I, LoveLea's jewelry designer, was separated from my jewels? In my post of 8 October ( )   I told you about my sister-in-law Gudrun Smalle, owner of Conceptsmalle,, who used some of my creations for a window display project together with Gabrielle Détry, a steam-punk wedding dress designer. When we went south last April, I left all my creations with her; now I am back and I am reunited with them. Now I can show them in my Face Book shop, if I can resolve the currency problem. We live in a world where travelling and changing countries is quite normal but FB is lagging behind. Let me explain: if you set up your FB shop in the US, the currency par default is US dollars. If you move to another country in another timezone then the currency should change to the new countries currency, right? Well, it doesn't. You can change your currency in your settings but it doesn't change in your shop. I wonder when I'll get an answer to my problem. In the forum they tell: delete your shop and start all over. No way, I have invested hours and hours in the shop and now I should delete it? If I can change the language of FB with 1 click, why can't I change the currency. Enough of that! Maybe somebody of my readers has an answer?

LoveLea's first creations

About my first creations: I was really green and naive. I created nice things but I didn't pay attention to style but still, I like the things I created. It seems that 1.5 year ago I had a predilection for Gothic, but I didn't realize it was Gothic. I had found a whole stack of studs at a good price, bought them and made some nice combinations. But a real Gothic lover wouldn't like them, I suppose, not pure enough; I could call them: soft Gothic. I made the choker and bracelet in the picture below in a nice beige leather during wintertime and it felt good  and warm to add some blue colored fur besides the studs and skulls. My model, Louise, the girlfriend of  Corneel, my nephews doesn't like chokers and put it on as a hairband. Louise sings together with Corneel, who plays the guitar and they perform on stage with a third person.

LoveLea's studded leather choker and bracelet with blue fur
Lovelea's choker and bracelet in beige leather with studs, skulls and blue fur.
Picture courtesy of Gudrun Smalle
Model: Louise

I also made some wrap bracelets for men. Robbe, another nephew of me, is showing this bracelet. In his spare time he plays the trombone, he is a motorcycle fan and likes beer. Yes, leather bracelets are cool!

Lovelea's men wrap bracelet
LoveLea's wrap bracelet for men

This mittens are so cool and my models too cool! the white mittens closes with an orange bead  and the navy ones, you just pull them on. 

LoveLea's leather mittens, one pair in white, one in navy.
My models wearingLovelea's mittens, Louise in white, anna in navy
Picture courtesy of Gudrun Smalle.

Here is another picture with Anna wearing the navy mittens and Louise shows a green leather studded bracelet with fringes.

Lovelea's navy mittens and green studded, fringed bracelet.
LoveLea's navy leather mittens and green studded, fringed leather bracelet.
Picture courtesy of Gudrun Smalle.

My dear readers, I am already a day late publishing my post because I wanted to spent time with the children and the grand children, because I had a stack of post of 30 cm to run through, because we will move house asap and I am going through our stuff to decide what will move with us and what has to be discarded; now I will hit the publish button so that you and the world knows what's going on in Hilde's-Lovelea-Leather-World.

More pictures of my early creations in the next post! Don't miss them and subscribe to my blog and get the post in your email. Leave your email in the box on top of the column on the right and hit the submit button. See you!

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