Thursday, January 11, 2018

Be careful what you wish for!

I wished for balance in my life and this week, I got plenty of occasions to apply. I had beautiful antique furniture in a depot  for 8 years and for 8 years I have been dreaming of using them in my home and NOT ONE OF THE ITEMS FITS. Last Thursday me, my husband and our son with his van went to the depot to retrieve the furniture. I had a very handsome chest of drawers, at least 200 years old and a big, long, nice oval table with 8 ladder-back chairs all in light oak.

I had seen myself using this long table  upstairs as a worktable for my leather creations, for sewing and for writing. I asked the movers to take the table to the attic; the movers grabbed the legs, heft the table but after 3 or 4 threads it was obvious that the table wouldn't get through, to no avail, the legs were to long or the table to wide. Mind you, the table was decomposed in 2 pieces and still wouldn't pass. With a hammer and a crowbar we took off the legs, brought the legs and the tabletop separately upstairs, pasted and nailed the pieces together and the table lies now upside down waiting to dry.

The magnificent chest of drawers was meant for the guest room on the first floor but we didn't even try to get it upstairs!  We put it temporarily in the living room and it looks superb but in this room we need a lunch counter. There is another vacant wall but the chest is too bulky and won't leave space to move about in the living room; I choose this chest when my parents died and we divided the furniture.

In the "old" house, I used a mahogany linen closet; I love this closet because it has a hidden drawer in the bottom, a more obvious one at the top and in the inside there is a third drawer. My mother stored her bonds and important papers in the bottom drawer, secret and save. I had planned to use it in the bedroom for storing sweaters, t-shirts etc, but the closet didn't go up either, just ONE tiny cm too large!!!

The lesson to learn.

This are facts, circumstances, the most important now is how I handle all this. When you read eastern philosophy and they tell you to be  detached, I never liked this idea;  I kind of glanced at the words and continued reading, ignoring the message. I like stuff, possessions a lot, especially nice things. Isn't it my right to live surrounded by nice things! Isn't it an obligation as a human to surround you with beautiful things? Live is telling me: like it or not but possessions are  futile, fleeting, furniture is only furniture! O.k. life,  you tried to teach me the nice way, I didn't heed you and now you force this on me. I can only bow my head and accept your lesson! But how do I go on? First thing that came into my head: I won't visit any antique shop again! I won't enjoy any flea market again! Never, ever. I won't buy  any beautiful stuff again!

This are childish and immature reactions, off course. I am in a continuously process of growing and this is a big step, no a huge step I am forced to take. Does life tell me: do speed up, please? Your time of taking baby steps is up, take some strides! I told myself: Hilde, you also wanted to be creative, here is your chance: what else is there to see at antique shops?  I still can go to antique shops, flea markets but I"ll be looking for other things like old leather tools, vintage beads etc.

This is a big blow; I have to recover, come to my senses and find a new direction, shift my thinking, accept this situation!

Life goes on

Today, Sunday, I put all my leather stuff in boxes and since my workshop and table aren't ready yet, I won't be able to do any designing or creating. Designing might be possible, I don't need a worktop for that, I can think and write anywhere. Before gathering everything, I made a choker, meant for Valentine's day. Here comes a picture:

LoveLea's red and purple "love" choker.
LoveLea's "love" choker.

I photographed it in an antique soap box, but you could easily use the box to store your jewelry.

Have you had a similar blow? Has life tried to tell you some truths? What happened? You can leave a word in the comment section, right here below.

See you!

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