Thursday, January 18, 2018

Will my table open the flow? (or is my inspiration gone?)

For about a week we are living in the new house; in fact we are still living out from boxes; and my son tells me there are 10 more banana boxes stored in his house. I can't believe this is true. I'm feeling trapped in quicksand ! I'm feeling drowned! But this is a good feeling: it tells me I am on the right path, the path of releasing, letting go!

And I found a solution for my table: it is still lying on its back with its legs in the air, like a dead animal. But I figured out how to get this beast back to life. The table is assembled by its top with pegs and holes and with hooks and eyes but this is not enough, the table will collapse. While doing the dishes and ironing, (this tasks are stupid, but great opportunity for thinking) the table is always in my thoughts. The slats that carry the extension pieces are missing but their trace is visible. But this slats should be twice the size of what the traces lets see to carry the weight of the extensions and the weight of the table!! Today, Monday, we went to the sawmill and bought 4 slats of 91.8 cm from which 46 cm will be attached to the table and the rest will float, 2 on each side of the table. I do hope my theory is correct and the table will stand up!! and hold!!!. Hopefully we'll attach the slats tomorrow  and then I can start designing and creating again! For almost 2 weeks I wasn't able to create! I can only feel the flow of creation feebly! I hope that just the fact of sitting at the table I have been longing for to use and sitting on a super nice chair will get everything flowing again!

2 days later, Wednesday, we attached the slats, made the table stand up and everything is fine! The table stands up, proud and is waiting for me to use it.

My table stands up and my chair is waiting for me.

 But sadly it will still have to wait a couple days. Tomorrow, Thursday, I am visiting the city with my daughter! This will be super, I hope so, just the 2 of us; no lets go over there, no I'm bored, no I'm tired, no I want to go home. Meanwhile, if I can not work, I can prepare my table: I can put my cutting board with a heavy duty mat and on top of that, my self-restoring cutting mat in place. Maybe I'll have to move the table in the other direction since I want my antique daybed upstairs. In the afternoon, I might take a refreshing nap!

My table is waiting for me to design and create!

I am anticipating working there, I can hardly wait! what all Lovelea stuff I 'll design and create, very special and unique pieces!

You will have to wait a week to see the results. See you!

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  1. hey Fred,
    thank you. In my head, the flow has started; now I have to sit down & do it!


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