Friday, January 26, 2018

Flow and Valentine bracelets (for YOU)!

The flow.

If you are a designer, a writer, a composer, flow is important, necessary, vital and  I was wondering about my flow, was even a little bit anxious; when I am busy designing, ideas keep flowing into my mind. I have a notebook at hand where I write down how I made something or how I think to make something and also new ideas or concepts that come to my mind and want to work on. Because of the moving I haven't found time to  sit down & design and I was afraid the flow would dry up.

My tool to restart designing and to pick up creating is by making easy things like ear bells or key chains: it doesn't involve much calculating or thorough thinking and while my hands are busy, my head starts working again.

This time, I have 2 tools: the said before and Valentine! This tool gives me a direction to go because there are  some obligate ingredients like the color red, hearts or heart shape figures which makes things easier. I only have to worry about not falling into commercialized ideas but come up with some fresh ideas. I am not a Gothic person but I like to create in a mild or soft Gothic style. Even Gothic people must have a crush on somebody and must want to declare this feeling. Thus my first creation is a soft Gothic bracelet made of black leather and a small "LOVE" plate. The message carrier in the picture is authentic and may easily have been used to carry love messages from a wealthy man to his secret love. This is why I like old and used things: they have a life of their own.

LoveLea's Gothic Valentine bracelet.
LoveLea's Gothic Valentine bracelet.

When I designed the bracelet (picture below) in white leather with a red metal heart and small red tassels flanking the love plate, I had a young teen girl in mind; by summer the bracelet will be a little roughed up and when she 's wearing it to the beach, the white leather will show off her tan skin. LoveLea, 😃 ! Remember, all jewelry is available at LoveLea's Face book shop.

LoveLea's white/red love plated bracelet.
LoveLea's white/red love plated bracelet.

The clothes line. 

Our new house has a garden and our garden has a clothesline. I haven't used a clothesline in ages, a laundry rack is easier and movable. I had washed pants and long sleeved shirts and those "big" things are easier hanged on a line; I don't have to worry if the bottom of the pants touches the ground. So I was hanging a pair of pants and since the line is quite high, I had to look up and, to my amazement, I saw the sky and a white pigeon was crossing over; hanging the next piece, there was a small plane coming from the east and then I saw a seagull. What a delicious experience!. I think from now on, if the rain will stop, I'll only use the clothesline.

If you are reading this post and you love crafts or you have to make with music, painting, sewing and thus are depending on inspiration, please tell me how YOU restart or keep up the flow! What are your methods? What are your tools? Do tell me via the COMMENTS box at the bottom of the post or through the CONTACT FORM in the left column. I will be delighted to know!

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