Thursday, April 5, 2018

Leather summer bracelets, Bento bags, a bit of philosophy and what to do with citrus blossoms.

Winter is almost over

I love the spring season with the promise of new life, the hope for new flowers, new fruits and the necessary rain. But spring makes me long for the summer, summer makes me long for swimming. What does represent all this better then seashells? I created some colorful bracelets that I adorned with sea shells. And not any shell but a Kauri shell (Cypraea moneta). Once they were used as exchange means in Africa. They look delicate but they must be sturdy. I love this dark chocolate brown leather cuff with its 3 sturdy and expressive Kauri shells.

LoveLea's dark chocolate brown leather cuff with Kauri shells
LoveLea's dark chocolate brown leather cuff with Kauri shells

This narrow red bracelet with a row of white beads would look lovely on the wrist of a teen,

LoveLea's red leather bracelet with white beads.
LoveLea's red leather bracelet with white beads.

or this narrow blue bracelet adorned with 1 Kauri shell? Which one do you prefer?

LoveLea's blue leather bracelet with Kauri shel
LoveLea's blue leather bracelet with Kaur

Longing for the summer? get yourself this chocolate brown leather cuff with the Kauri shells or the narrow blue bracelet? The vibrant red of the narrow leather bracelet will give you an instant boost!

About bento bags

A couple months ago, I wrote a post about furoshiki bags. I had a colorful piece of cloth that I cut down to a square of 90x90 cm, (you need a square cloth to knot your bag). I was left with a long strip and since I love the color and the flowers so much I decided to make a bento bag out of it. Your fabric's length should be trice the width and then like origami, you fold and stitch till you have a bento bag.

LoveLea's bento bag
LoveLea's bento bag

If you are interested in making a bento bag and a leather handle, use the contact form in the left column to let me know and I mail you back.

It is a small bag, but just big enough for my cell phone, credit card wallet, my beloved cat eye glasses and there is still room for other things. I made a leather handle from a piece of leather, sew the long side by hand and attached it to my bag.

LoveLea's bento bag with leather handle.
LoveLea's bento bag with leather handle.

I love this simple but ingenious and elegant style! When I am back from the summer house and have caught my breath again,  I plan on making a tuto about sewing a bento bag and how to make the leather handle!

Spring is in the air!

We are still in the summer house. Some days the weather is soft enough to lunch outside at the back of the house. Why there? It is more sheltered AND the mandarins are blooming! and the wind carries the smell till the table. But your nose gets used to the smell and after a while you have to leave and come back to smell this delicious perfume again. Yes, you get used to nice things and don't see, hear, feel, experience them any more. Leaving and coming back is the best thing to do to appreciate your own stuff again.

Breakfast table with mandarin trees.
Breakfast table in the line of mandarin trees.

Citrus trees makes thousands of blossoms! Impossible all this blossoms turn into a fruit. I red that 90% of the blooms go to waste! But I don't waste them. I pick up all the blossoms that fall down and are still whole, intact and have preserved their smell. I put them in a perfectly closing container and deep freeze them. When I bake a cake, I add several of them to the dough and my cake tastes like heaven! or you can add 1 of them to your morning tea, to a sweet bread, cupcakes or  make an exotic jello. I am not a dessert eater nor a baker but if you are a baker I bet you could think of a lot of use for the blossoms.

Mandarin tree blossoms
Mandarin tree blossom.

If you use blossoms, flowers in your baking, desserts, salads, let us know, write a comment, I love to learn, expand my knowledge.

By next week, our perfumed roses will blossom; wait to read what you can do with rose blossoms.

See you next week!

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