Thursday, April 12, 2018

About cuffs, feminine or sturdy; Seville and tasting the smell of roses.

Leather cuff time!

It seems that I am associating what jewelry I want to wear with the weather! It does make sense: after all what is the use of wearing a nice cuff if it is hidden underneath your sleeve. It only makes you uncomfortable because the sleeve keeps hooked on your cuff. Temperatures are rising a bit, we can wear 3/4 sleeves and you can show off your cuff and in the mean time, it will keep you warm!
Here comes a very feminine leather cuff and it will become cooler while wearing: the fringes will become more distinct and pronounced.

LoveLea's pink leather fringed cuff.
LoveLea's feminine pink leather fringed cuff.

If on the other hand you like a more sturdy look, this cuff, made of 2 layers of leather, is perfect for you. It will roughen up while wearing! Leather is such a beautiful and versatile material!

LoveLea's brown leather fringed cuff.
LoveLea's brown leather fringed and sturdycuff.

And this cuff, my dear reader, is a synthesis of the 2 others: pale blue and very soft leather balanced by  5 sturdy, metal studds!

LoveLea's pale blue leather cuff with 5 metal studds
LoveLea's pale blue leather cuff with 5 metal studds

My breakfast nook reminds me of Seville.

A couple days ago the mandarin blossoms that perfume our outside breakfast nook ( read my previous post)  reminded me of Seville, Spain. We visited Granada, Seville and Cordoba a couple years ago around this time of the year. We were ecstatic about this 3 cities but Seville wins it because of the orange trees that were blooming. Almost every major street is lined with orange trees or bitter orange trees. It smells heavenly! This picture sums up what Seville is about: drinking sangria, eating tapas next to a wall of the Royal Alcazar seating under a blooming orange tree!

Having sangria under an orange tree in Seville, Spain.
Having sangria under an orange tree in Seville, Spain.

The Royal Alcazar of Seville.

Besides the Royal Alcazar, with its magnificent Mudejar plasterwork and polychrome tiles in the Don Pedro Palace and a beautiful park,

Mudejar plasterwork, Alcazar, Seville, Spain.
Mudejar plasterwork of the Royal Alcazar, Seville, Spain.

View on the garden, Alcazar, Seville, Spain
View on the garden,of the Royal Alcazar, Seville, Spain

The Cathedral of Seville.

is the Gothic Cathedral with the Giralda Tower more than worth visiting.

Giralda tower, Seville, Spain
Giralda tower, Seville, Spain.

The inside of the Cathedral holds among other things a breathtaking 20 m high altar piece with 45 scenes featuring the Virgin de la Sede.

The 20 m high Altar piece, cathedral of Seville, Spain
The 20 m high altar piece, cathedral of Seville, Spain

Detail of Altar piece, cathedral of Seville, Spain
Detail of Altar piece, cathedral of Seville, Spain

and the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Tomb of C. Columbus, Cathedral of Seville, Spain
Tomb of C. Columbus, Cathedral of Seville, Spain

How about the grief and pain of this Madonna? How real she is! Not the sugary expression you see on most statues!

Grieving Madonna, Cathedral of Seville, Spain
Grieving Madonna, Cathedral of Seville, Spain.

The Royal Tobacco factory of Seville.

Everybody knows Bizet's opera "Carmen". Beneath is a picture of this sumptuous building that actually is a tobacco factory;  it is here that most of the action takes place. (Looks more a palace than a factory to me.)

Tobacco factory, Seville, Spain
Palace like Tobacco factory of Seville, Spain.

Rose water drinks?

yes, rose water drinks! Some rose bushes flower multiple times and they are at its very best in spring. This kind blooms abundantly now and they smell at their best too. Besides two rose bushes, we have only perfumed roses in the garden. Roses are my favorite flowers (and wisteria, and peonies): you can admire them from a distant place and when you come closer, you smell their divine perfume and when they have bloomed and haven't lost their perfume yet, you pick them and eat them as rose jam or drink them. The smell and the taste are the same; you are actually tasting a smell! My husbands aunt used to make rose water and I've learned it from her. You make it in spring time and you sip it out off a beautiful glass in the summer sitting in the cool shade of tree. If you want the recipe, click here. The recipe for the jam is for another time.

Rose water drink
Decanter with rose water.

Wow, this has become a long post with 3 leather cuffs to choose from, lots of info about Seville, Spain and a rose water recipe for you if you click through to my landing page.

Any questions, ask them through my contact form in the left column; want to get the new post in your mail box, subscribe by leaving your email in the right column. See you next week!

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